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2021 Dec 010-150 test questions

Q41. A Linux computer has no access to the internet. Which command displays information about the network gateway for the system? 

A. traceroute 

B. ifconfig 

C. gateway 

D. route 

E. ipconfig 


Q42. Which of the following will change the group that is associated with a file? 

A. chmod 

B. chmod -w 

C. chown 

D. ls -g 


Q43. Which of the following services are used for network file systems? (Choose two) 

A. Rumba 

B. Python 

C. Samba 

D. OpenLDAP 


Answer: C, E 

Q44. Which files will affect the domain name resolution system on Linux? (Choose two) 

A. /etc/hostname 

B. /etc/nameserver 

C. /etc/hosts 

D. /etc/which 

E. /etc/resolv.conf 

Answer: C, E 

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Q45. Which of the following is an example of globbing? 

A. ls /etc/ 2> files.txt 

B. ls /etc/ > files.txt 

C. ls /etc/*.txt 

D. ls /etc/ | more 


Q46. What is the command that will show system boot time messages? 

A. dmesg 

B. echo 

C. lspci 

D. display system boot 

E. messages 


Q47. Which command shows if /usr/bin is in the current shell search path? 

A. cat PATH 

B. echo $PATH 

C. echo %PATH 

D. cat $PATH 

E. echo %PATH% 


Q48. When a new user is added, where does his user ID gets stored? 

A. /etc/users 

B. /etc/realm 

C. /etc/pass 

D. /etc/shpasswd 

E. /etc/passwd 


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