JN0-633 ebook(1 to 10) for candidates: Dec 2021 Edition

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2021 Dec JN0-633 test preparation

Q1. What are two configurable routing instance types? (Choose two.)

A. IPsec




Answer: B,D

Q2. You have installed a new IPS license on your SRX device and successfully downloaded the attack signature database. However, when you run the command to install the database, the database fails to install.What are two reasons for the failure? (Choose two.)

A. The file system on the SRX device has insufficient free space to install the database.

B. The downloaded signature database is corrupt.

C. The previous version of the database must be uninstalled first.

D. The SRX device does not have the high memory option installed.

Answer: A,B


We don’t need to uninstall the previous version to install a new license, as we can update the same. Reference:http://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB16491. Also high memory option is licensed feature.

The only reason for failure is either there is no space left or downloaded file is corrupted due to incomplete download because of internet termination in between. Reference:http://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB23359

Q3. What is a secure key management protocol used by IPsec?





Answer: D

Q4. You are asked to deploy dynamic VPNs between the corporate office and remote employees that work from home. The gateway device at the corporate office consists of a pair of SRX650s in a chassis cluster.Which two statements about the deployment are true? (Choose two.)

A. The SRX650s must be separated as standalone devices to support the dynamic VPNs.

B. The remote clients must install client software to establish a tunnel with the corporate network.

C. The remote clients must reside behind an SRX device configured as the local tunnel endpoint.

D. The SRX650 must have HTTP or HTTPS enabled to aid in the client software distribution process.

Answer: B,D


Reference :http://www.juniper.net/us/en/local/pdf/app-notes/3500201-en.pdf

Q5. You are deploying a standalone SRX650 in transparent mode for evaluation purposes in a potential client's network. The client will need to access the device to modify security policies and perform other various configurations.Where would you configure a Layer 3 interface to meet this requirement?

A. fxp0.0

B. vlan.1

C. irb.1

D. ge-0/0/0.0

Answer: C

Reference: http://safetynet.trapezenetworks.com/techpubs/en_US/junos12.1/information-products/topic-collections/security/software-all/layer-2/index.html?topic-52755.html

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Q6. Which two configuration components are required for enabling transparent mode on an SRX device? (Choose two.)


B. bridge domain

C. interface family bridge

D. interface family ethernet-switching

Answer: B,C

Explanation: Reference: http://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB21421

Q7. You want to configure in-band management of an SRX device in transparent mode. Which command is required to enable this functionality?

A. set interfaces irb unit 1 family inet address

B. set interfaces vlan unit 1 family inet address

C. set interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet address

D. set interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family bridge address

Answer: A

Explanation: Reference: http://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB23823

Q8. You have been asked to configure traffic to flow between two virtual routers (VRs) residing on two unique logical systems (LSYSs) on the same SRX5800.

How would you accomplish this task?

A. Configure a security policy that contains the context from VR1 to VR2 to permit the relevant traffic.

B. Configure a security policy that contains the context from LSYS1 to LSYS2 and relevant match conditions in the rule set to allow traffic between the IP networks in VR1 and VR2.

C. Configure logical tunnel interfaces between VR1 and VR2 and security policies that allow relevant traffic between VR1 and VR2 over that link.

D. Configure an interconnect LSYS to facilitate a connection between LSYS1 and LSYS2 and relevant policies to allow the traffic.

Answer: C


Reference :http://kb.juniper.net/InfoCenter/index?page=content&id=KB21260

Q9. A security administrator has configured an IPsec tunnel between two SRX devices. The

devices are configured with OSPF on the st0 interface and an external interface destined to the IPsec endpoint. The adminstrator notes that the IPsec tunnel and OSPF adjacency keep going up and down. Which action would resolve this issue?

A. Create a firewall filter on the st0 interface to permit IP protocol 89.

B. Configure the IPsec tunnel to accept multicast traffic.

C. Create a /32 static route to the IPsec endpoint through the external interface.

D. Increase the OSPF metric of the external interface.

Answer: C

Explanation: Reference: http://packetsneverlie.blogspot.in/2013/03/route-based-ipsec-vpn-with-ospf.html

Q10. You are asked to deploy dynamic VPNs between the corporate office and remote employees that work from home. The gateway device at the corporate office is a chassis cluster formed from two SRX240s.Which two statements about this deployment are true? (Choose two.)

A. You must remove the SRX240s from the chassis cluster before enabling the dynamic VPNs.

B. The remote clients can run Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or OS X operating systems.

C. If more than two dynamic VPN tunnels are required, you must purchase and install a new license.

D. The remote users can be authenticated by the SRX240s or a configured RADIUS server.

Answer: C,D


Reference :http://www.juniper.net/us/en/local/pdf/app-notes/3500201-en.pdf

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