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2021 Dec 117-201 free question

Q31. You have elected to use the automounter and the autofs script. Your /etc/auto.master file contains the following: 

/home /etc/auto.home 

/project /etc/auto.project 


If you change the contents of /etc/auto.project to include a new source path what must be done to access the new path? 

A. Shutdown and restart the local NFS client daemons. 

B. Run fsck on the affected mount point. 

C. Issue the /etc/init.d/autofs reload command. 

D. Add the newly mapped path to /etc/fstab. 

E. Nothing. Simply access the newly mapped resource. 



123. What is the purpose of udevmonitor? 

A. Listen to kernel events produced by a udev rule and print information to the console 

B. Monitors the /dev directory for new devices 

C. Monitors the udev process and prints performance statistics to the console 

D. Communicates with D-Bus to setup new devices 



Q32. After unpacking the source code for a Linux kernel, what is the first make command that should be run which will delete any current configuration and all generated files? This command will ensure that no inappropriate files were left in the kernel archive by the maintainer. 

A. make depend 

B. make distclean 

C. make config 

D. make clean 

E. make mrproper 



Q33. Which of the following commands will securely copy the directory ./fyf/ to /var/tmp/ on the remote host deltaur using the remote user account kevin? 

A. rsync -a -e ssh kevin@deltaur:/var/tmp/ fyf/ 

B. rsync -a -u kevin -e ssh fyf/ deltaur:/var/tmp/ 

C. rsync -a -u kevin -e ssh deltaur:/var/tmp/ fyf/ 

D. rsync -a -e ssh fyf/ kevin@deltaur:/var/tmp/ 




Which environment variable you have to set up to use shared libraries that are not in the standard search path? 


Q35. What is the difference between zImage and bzImage targets when compiling a kernel? 

A. zImage is compressed using gzip, bzImage is compressed using bzip2 

B. zImage is for 2.4 series kernels, bzImage is for 2.6 series kernels 

C. zImage is loaded into low memory, bzImage is loaded into high memory 

D. zImage is limited to 64k, bzImage is not 



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Q36. A system is running out of swap space. To initialise 5GB of additional swap space, which combination of commands should be used? 

A. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/swapfile bs=1024 count=5120000; mkswap /tmp/swapfile; swapon /tmp/swapfile 

B. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/swapfile bs=1024 count=5120000; swapon /tmp/swapfile 

C. dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/swapfile bs=1024 count=5120000; mkswap /tmp/swapfile; mount /tmp/swapfile 

D. touch -5G /tmp/swapfile; swapon /tmp/swapfile 

E. mkswap /tmp/swapfile 512000; swapon /tmp/swapfile 



Q37. What command is used to force a file-system check, when rebooting? 

A. reboot -f 

B. shutdown -f now 

C. shutdown -c -r now 

D. fsck -r 

E. shutdown -F -r now 




In order to provide notices and information to users when they log in to a server, what file must be modified to give these notices? (Please provide the file with full path information) 

Answer: /ETC/MOTD 

Q39. What tool can you use to print shared library dependencies? 

A. ldconfig 

B. ldd 

C. libdep 

D. libpath 

E. ldev 



Q40. What single command (no options or arguments) can be used to fully extract a file called abc.tar.bz2? 

A. gzip 

B. gunzip 

C. tar 

D. bz2unzip 



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