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2021 Nov 117-201 real exam


After a lot of write operations, the changes should be written to the disk. Please enter the appropriate command, without the path or any options or parameters, that would achieve this. 

Answer: SYNC 


You need to recover some data from a magnetic tape and it is the second file on the media. The following command is being attempted: 

mt -f /dev/nst0 

What is the mt operation that will position the tape on the first block of the second file? (Please specify the operation with no other parameters) 

Answer: FSF 

Q23. Which pseudo-file contains information on the status of software RAID devices? 

A. /proc/raidstat B. /proc/mdstatus C. /proc/raidstatus D. /proc/mdstat 

E. /proc/raid/status 



Q24. On a Debian based system, which command can be used to stop the apache2 init script from running at boot time once the real script has been removed from /etc/init.d/? 

A. update-rc.d -d apache2 

B. update-rc.d apache2 delete 

C. update-rc.d remove apache2 

D. update-rc.d apache2 remove 

E. update-rc.d delete apache2 



Q25. A Linux machine freezes during boot. To boot directly to a shell prompt, so that editing of files and manual starting of services is possible, which command line must be passed to the kernel for the boot process? 

A. init=/bin/bash 

B. /bin/bash=1 

C. runlevel=1 

D. sh 

E. /bin/sh 



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Q26. The swap usage on a system needs to be checked. Which TWO commands can be used to display a swap usage summary? 

A. cat /proc/swaps 

B. swapon -s 

C. cat /etc/fstab 

D. swapshow 

E. swapconfig 

Answer: A,B 


Q27. What is the usable disk space of a RAID 5 array of five 18GB drives with one drive dedicated as a spare? 

A. 18GB 

B. 36GB 

C. 54GB 

D. 72GB 

E. 90GB 



Q28. What is the term for unmounting a filesystem, which cleans up all references to the filesystem, as soon as it is not in use any longer? 

A. soft 

B. strong 

C. forced 

D. lazy 

E. delayed 




Consider the following /etc/fstab file: 

/dev/hda1 swap swap defaults 0 0 /dev/hda2 / ext2 defaults 1 1 /dev/hda3 /home ext2 defaults 1 2 none /proc proc defaults 0 0 /dev/fd0 /media/floppy vfat user,noauto 0 0 

What command can an ordinary (non-root) user use to mount a floppy disk in this system? (Please enter the command with all parameters and/or options) 

Answer: MOUNT/DEV/FD0 

Q29. A BIND server should be upgraded to use TSIG. Which configuration parameters should be added, if the server should use the algorithm hmac-md5 and the key skrKc4DoTzi/tAkIlPi7JZA==? 

A. TSIG server.example.com. { algorithm hmac-md5; secret "skrKc4DoTzi/tAkIlPi7JZA=="; }; 

B. key server.example.com. { algorithm hmac-md5; secret skrKc4DoTzi/tAkIlPi7JZA==; }; 

C. key server.example.com. { algorithm hmac-md5; secret "skrKc4DoTzi/tAkIlPi7JZA=="; }; 

D. key server.example.com. { algorithm=hmac-md5; secret="skrKc4DoTzi/tAkIlPi7JZA=="; }; 

E. key server.example.com. algorithm hmac-md5 secret "skrKc4DoTzi/tAkIlPi7JZA==" 



Q30. Which of the following best describes the format of the /etc/fstab file? 

A. mount point; device name; filesystem type; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order 

B. device name; mount point; filesystem type; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order 

C. mount point; filesystem type; device name; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order 

D. device name; mount point; mount options; filesystem type; dump filesystem; fsck order 

E. device name; filesystem type; mount point; mount options; dump filesystem; fsck order 



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