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Q121. Which type of hacker represents the highest risk to your network? 

A. black hat hackers 

B. grey hat hackers 

C. disgruntled employees 

D. script kiddies 


Q122. Attackers footprint target Websites using Google Hacking techniques. Google hacking is a term that refers to the art of creating complex search engine queries. It detects websites that are vulnerable to numerous exploits and vulnerabilities. Google operators are used to locate specific strings of text within the search results. 

The configuration file contains both a username and a password for an SQL database. Most sites with forums run a PHP message base. This file gives you the keys to that forum, 

including FULL ADMIN access to the database. WordPress uses config.php that stores the database Username and Password. 

Which of the below Google search string brings up sites with "config.php" files? 

A. Search:index config/php 

B. Wordpress:index config.php 

C. intitle:index.of config.php 

D. Config.php:index list 


Q123. Vulnerability mapping occurs after which phase of a penetration test? 

A. Host scanning 

B. Passive information gathering 

C. Analysis of host scanning 

D. Network level discovery 

Answer: C

Q124. XSS attacks occur on Web pages that do not perform appropriate bounds checking on data entered by users. Characters like < > that mark the beginning/end of a tag should be converted into HTML entities. 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q125. When comparing the testing methodologies of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) the main difference is 

A. OWASP is for web applications and OSSTMM does not include web applications. 

B. OSSTMM is gray box testing and.OWASP is black box testing. 

C. OWASP addresses controls and.OSSTMM does not. 

D. OSSTMM addresses controls and.OWASP does not. 


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Q126. Take a look at the following attack on a Web Server using obstructed URL: 

How would you protect from these attacks? 

A. Configure the Web Server to deny requests involving "hex encoded" characters 

B. Create rules in IDS to alert on strange Unicode requests C. Use SSL authentication on Web Servers 

D. Enable Active Scripts Detection at the firewall and routers 


Q127. Joe Hacker is going wardriving. He is going to use PrismStumbler and wants it to go to a GPS mapping software application. What is the recommended and well-known GPS 

mapping package that would interface with PrismStumbler? 

Select the best answer. 

A. GPSDrive 

B. GPSMap 

C. WinPcap 

D. Microsoft Mappoint 


Q128. You have been called to investigate a sudden increase in network traffic at XYZ. It seems that the traffic generated was too heavy that normal business functions could no longer be rendered to external employees and clients. After a quick investigation, you find that the computer has services running attached to TFN2k and Trinoo software. What do you think was the most likely cause behind this sudden increase in traffic? 

A. A distributed denial of service attack. 

B. A network card that was jabbering. 

C. A bad route on the firewall. 

D. Invalid rules entry at the gateway. 


Q129. Leesa is the senior security analyst for a publicly traded company. The IT department recently rolled out an intranet for company use only with information ranging from training, to holiday schedules, to human resources data. Leesa wants to make sure the site is not accessible from outside and she also wants to ensure the site is Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant. Leesa goes to a public library as she wants to do some Google searching to verify whether the company's intranet is accessible from outside and has been indexed by Google. Leesa wants to search for a website title of "intranet" with part of the URL containing the word "intranet" and the words "human resources" somewhere in the webpage. 

What Google search will accomplish this? 

A. related:intranet allinurl:intranet:"human resources" 

B. cache:"human resources" inurl:intranet(SharePoint) 

C. intitle:intranet inurl:intranet+intext:"human resources" 

D. site:"human resources"+intext:intranet intitle:intranet 


Q130. Which of the following is an example of an asymmetric encryption implementation? 

A. SHA1 


C. 3DES 

D. MD5 


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