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Q21. Someone who wishes to receive an encrypted file has provided a key UID and a key fingerprint for verification to the data sender. Assuming that this key is on a public keyserver, what command will fetch the public key from the server? 

A. gpg findkeys UID 

B. gpg recvkeys UID 

C. gpg getkeys UID 

D. gpg refreshkeys UID 

Answer: B


What command is used to create and maintain a Basic Authentication password file for apache? (Specify only the command, with no path or arguments) 

A. htpasswd

Answer: A


Where is the global list of known SSH host keys located? (Supply the full path and filename) 

A. /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts

Answer: A

Q24. In the Puppet centralized configuration management tool, a manifest is: 

A. a list of all target configurations. 

B. a configuration document that describes the target configuration and the steps required to achieve it. 

C. a list of all files related to a configuration target. 

D. a list of the important services on a target configuration. 

Answer: B

Q25. Which command will list all of the extended attributes on the file afile.txt along with the values? 

A. getfattr all afile.txt 

B. getfattr afile.txt 

C. getfattr list afile.txt 

D. getfattr dump afile.txt 

Answer: D

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Q26. What does the following iptables rule accomplish: 

iptables A INPUT d p tcp dport 20:21 j ACCEPT 

A. Forwards all traffic not on port 20 or 21 to the host 

B. Drops all traffic coming from the host destined for port 20 or 21. 

C. Accepts all traffic from the host destined for port 20 or 21. 

D. Forwards all traffic on port 20 and 21 to the host 

Answer: D

Q27. What is the purpose of tripwire? 

A. To act as a honeypot and attract attackers. 

B. To enforce mandatory access control policies to confine users to the minimum amount of privilege required. 

C. To monitor a server for breakin attempts and, if desired, ban the IP address. 

D. To identify changes to critical system files and directories. 

Answer: D

Q28. How does AppArmor configure its access control settings? 

A. AppArmor does not require any configuration. 

B. AppArmor inspects the Linux system to determine which applications are installed and configures itself. This configuration can then be modified manually. 

C. AppArmor relies on precompiled policies. These policies are updated with new releases or can be downloaded periodically. 

D. A profile is assigned per application that specifies the system resources available to the application. 

Answer: D

Q29. Which of the following are common techniques for securing a sendmail server? (Select THREE correct answers) 

A. Maintain user accounts in an LDAP directory. 

B. Enable TLS. 

C. Disable VRFY. 

D. Run sendmail in a chroot'd environment. 

E. Disable USRLKUP. 

Answer: BCD

Q30. In apache configuration which directives are used to restrict access based on host/domain name and IP address? 

A. restrict and allow 

B. order, allow from and deny from 

C. deny and accept 

D. allow IP, deny IP, allow DOMAIN and deny DOMAIN 

E. order, deny and accept 

Answer: B

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