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2021 Nov 117-303 exam guide

Q31. A user is attempting to connect to a remote host via SSH and following message is displayed: Host key verification failed. Which of the following options could resolve the problem? (Select TWO correct answers) 

A. Add the o StrictHostKeyChecking=no option to the command. 

B. Enable the PasswordAuthentication parameter on the remote host. 

C. Generate new SSH host keys on the remote host. 

D. Generate a new private key which is compatible with the server's host key. 

E. Update the remote host's SSH host key in the list of know hosts. 

Answer: AE

Q32. The system administrator wishes to use the module to restrict which users are allowed to login via SSH. Which line will configure this behaviour? 

A. auth required item=user sense=deny file=/etc/sshd/sshd.deny onerr=succeed 

B. auth required item=user sense=allow file=/etc/sshd/sshd.allow onerr=succeed 

C. auth required item=user sense=allow file=/etc/sshd/sshd.allow onerr=fail 

D. auth required item=user sense=deny file=/etc/sshd/sshd.deny onerr=fail 

Answer: C


An administrator has successfully configured a cryptographic volume for dmcrypt, and has added the following line to /etc/fstab: 

/dev/mapper/cryptvol /media/crypt auto defaults 0 0 

Upon booting the system, the error message "mount: special device /dev/mapper/cryptvol does not exist" is displayed. What configuration file has the administrator forgotten to edit? (Provide the full path and filename) 

A. /etc/crypttab

Answer: A

Q34. Which syslog configuration line will send out logged messages to a remote syslog server? 

A. *.* host:remotehost 

B. *.* remote remotehost 

C. *.* @remotehost 

D. *.* host=remotehost 

Answer: C

Q35. SELinux is a Linux feature that: 

A. monitors system file access by unprivileged users and warns them when they are trying to gain access to files beyond their permission levels set in the Mandatory Access Control policies. 

B. provides only Mandatory Access Control policies. Additional access control models such as Rolebased access control require additional tools to implement. 

C. enforces Mandatory Access Control policies that can restrict user space programs and system servers to the minimum amount of privilege required to operate correctly. 

D. ensures that system files referenced in the Mandatory Access Control policies are not modified and alerts administrators when changes occur. 

Answer: C

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Q36. Linux Extended Attributes include attribute classes. Which of the following are included in the defined attribute classes? (Select THREE correct answers) 

A. default 

B. system 

C. owner 

D. trusted 

E. user 

Answer: BDE

Q37. The apache administrator has added the following lines to the configuration files: 

<Directory /> 

AllowOverride None 


What is the purpose of this directive? 

A. It stops users from serving HTML files from their home directories. 

B. It prevents HTML files from being served out of the / directory. 

C. It stops users from setting up .htaccess files unless specifically allowed in additional configuration. 

D. It prevents CGI scripts from modifying apache features dynamically. 

Answer: C

Q38. Which of the following is NOT and valid scan technique with nmap? 

A. Window 



D. Connect() 


Answer: E

Q39. Which command will set the attribute on the file afile.txt? 

A. setfattr"A. Author" afile.txt 

B. setfattr n v "A. Author" afile.txt 

C. setfattr"A. Author" afile.txt 

D. setfattr a"A. Author" afile.txt 

Answer: B

Q40. Which of the following is not an iptables rule set? 

A. chain 

B. mangle 

C. filter 

D. nat 

Answer: A

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