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2021 Feb 117-303 real exam

Q51. Which option is required to syslogd in order for it to accept remote log messages? 

A. s 

B. r 

C. remote 

D. l 

Answer: B

Q52. Which of the following are valid NFSv4 security types? 




D. Kerberos 


Answer: CDE

Q53. When adding additional users to a file's extended ACLs, what is true about the default behaviour of the ACL mask for the file? 

A. The mask is modified to be the union of all permissions of the file owner, owning group and all named users and groups. 

B. The mask is left unchanged. 

C. If required, a warning is printed indicating that the mask is too restrictive for the permissions being granted. 

D. The mask is modified to be the union of all permissions of the owning group and all named users and groups. 

Answer: D

Q54. Under which path is the selinux pseudofilesystem found? 

A. /dev/selinux 

B. /sys/selinux 

C. /selinux 

D. /var/selinux 

E. /proc/selinux 

Answer: C

Q55. Which of the following rule directives will email and when the Mail Configuration rule is violated? 

A. ( 

rulename = "Mail Configuration", 

severity = $(SIG_HI), 

emailto =, 

emailto = 

B. ( 

rulename = "Mail Configuration", 

severity = $(SIG_HI), 

emailto =, 

C. ( 

rulename = "Mail Configuration", 

severity = $(SIG_HI), 

emailto =; 

D. ( 

rulename = "Mail Configuration", 

severity = $(SIG_HI), 

emailto =, 

emailcc = 

Answer: C

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Which directive in the OpenVPN client.conf specifies the remote server and port that the client should connect to? (Provide only the directive, without any options or parameters) 

A. remote

Answer: A

Q57. What does the following iptables rule accomplish: 

iptables A INPUT s ! p tcp dport 111 j DROP 

A. Drops all packets from the LAN destined for port 111. 

B. Drops all packets originating from the local machine unless they are destined for port 111. 

C. Drops all packets destined for port 111 which originate from the local machine. 

D. Drops all packets destined for port 111 unless they are from the local machine. 

Answer: D

Q58. Which openssl command is used to inspect the information stored in a certificate? 

A. x509 

B. show 

C. info 

D. req 

Answer: A

Q59. Which GPG command will publish a public key to a public key server? 

A. gpg exportkeys UID 

B. gpg publishkeys UID 

C. gpg sendkeys UID 

D. gpg pushkeys UID 

Answer: C

Q60. The openssl command can be used to test connections with various secure services. What command will open a connection with a remote POP3S (POP3 over SSL) server? 

A. openssl connect host 

B. openssl connect 

C. openssl s_client connect 

D. openssl s_client 

Answer: C

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