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2021 Dec 117-303 practice test

Q1. What can proxymap be used for in a Postfix installation? (Select TWO correct answers) 

A. Consolidating the number of open lookup tables. 

B. Creating and querying Postfix alias databases. 

C. Mapping mail user IDs to system accounts. 

D. Overcoming chroot restrictions. 

E. Creating and querying Postfix lookup tables. 

Answer: AD

Q2. What is the syntax error in the following simple Puppet configuration file? 

class test_class { 

file { "/tmp/test.txt": 

mode => 600, 

owner => root, 

group => root 

# Define the node 

node testclient { 

isa test_class 

A. Comments begin with // character and not a #. 

B. The colon (:) after /tmp/test.txt should be a semicolon (;). 

C. class, node and file sections require a semicolon (;) at the end of their definitions. 

D. isa should be include. 

Answer: D

Q3. Which statements are true of the following Wireshark capture filter: 

(tcp[2:2] > 1500 and tcp[2:2] < 1550) or (tcp[4:2] > 1500 and tcp[4:2] < 1550) 

(Select TWO correct answers) 

A. Every packet being checked has a 2 byte offset. 

B. Traffic on ports 15001550 is being captured. 

C. Traffic on ports 15011549 is being captured. 

D. Only two bytes are being checked in each packet. 

E. Up to four bytes are being check in each packet. 

Answer: CE


Which directive must be set to 0 in a host or service definition to prevent Nagios from sending more than one alert for a particular event? (Specify only the directive without any options or parameters). 

A. notification_interval

Answer: A

Q5. DNS servers are vulnerable to which of the following attacks? (Select THREE correct answers) 

A. Cache Poisoning 

B. Fork Bomb Attack 

C. PasswordBased Attack 

D. ManintheMiddle 

E. Smurf Attack 

Answer: ADE

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Q6. Which of the following is NOT included in a Snort rule header? 

A. protocol 

B. action 

C. source IP address 

D. packet byte offset 

E. source port 

Answer: D

Q7. On a new Linux system, the root user is being asked to provide the root user password before being able to use the su command. What line in the /etc/pam.d/su file will allow root to use su without supplying passwords? 

A. auth required 

B. auth sufficient 

C. auth required 

D. auth sufficient 

Answer: D

Q8. What openssl command will generate a selfsigned test certificate? 

A. openssl req new x509 key privkey.pem out cacert.pem days 365 

B. openssl sign key privkey.pem out cacert.pem days 365 

C. openssl req key privkey.pem out cacert.pem days 365 

D. openssl sign new x509 key privkey.pem out cacert.pem days 365 

Answer: A

Q9. What is one of the primary claimed benefits of Smack over SELinux? 

A. Smack implements Rule Set Based Access Control. SELinux doesn't support this model. 

B. SELinux has export restrictions placed on it by the NSA. 

C. Configuration of Smack is much more simple. 

D. Smack allows users to share files without administrator intervention. 

Answer: C


Which LUKS action, when supplied to the cryptsetup command, will initialize a LUKS partition and set the initial key? (Provide only the action name) 

A. luksFormat

Answer: A

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