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2021 Nov 156-315.77 practice test

Q51. - (Topic 2) 

In ClusterXL, _______ is defined by default as a critical device. 

A. fwd 

B. fwm 

C. assld 

D. cpp 


Q52. - (Topic 5) 

Consider the following actions that VPN-1 NGX can take when it control packets. The Policy Package has been configured for Traditional Mode VPN. Identify the options that includes the available actions. Select four. 

A. Allow 

B. Reject 

C. Client auth 

D. Decrypt 

E. Accept 

F. Drop 

G. Encrypt 

H. Hold 

I. Proxy 

Answer: B,E,F,G 

Q53. - (Topic 5) 

Which service type does NOT invoke a Security Server? 



C. Telnet 




Q54. - (Topic 3) 

_______________ manages Standard Reports and allows the administrator to specify automatic uploads of reports to a central FTP server. 

A. Smart DashboardLog Consolidator 

B. Smart Reporter 

C. Security Management Server 

D. Smart ReporterDatabase 


Q55. - (Topic 6) 

When configuring a Web Application for SSL VPN remote access, you have given the following definition for the application along with its protection level. 

Which of the following is the best match for the above application? 

A. dmz.example.com/extranet 

B. www.dmz.example/extranet 

C. www.example.com/intranet 

D. hr.dmz.example.com/intranet 


Regenerate 156-315.77 exam guide:

Q56. - (Topic 4) 

Where is the encryption domain for a SmartLSM Security Gateway configured in R71? 

A. Inside the SmartLSM Security Gateway object in the SmartDashboard GUI 

B. Inside the SmartLSM Security Gateway profile in the SmartProvisioning GUI 

C. Inside the SmartLSM Security Gateway object in the SmartProvisioning GUI 

D. Inside the SmartLSM Security Gateway profile in the SmartDashboard GUI 


Q57. - (Topic 5) 

Regarding QoS guarantees and limits, which of the following statements is FALSE? 

A. If both a limit and a guarantee per rule are defined in a QoS rule, then the limit must be smaller than the guarantee. 

B. If both a rule limit and a per connection limit are defined for a rule, the per connection limit must not be greater than the rule limit. 

C. A rule guarantee must not be less than the sum the guarantees defined in its sub-rules. 

D. If a guarantee is defined in a sub-rule, then a guarantee must be defined for the rule above it. 


Q58. - (Topic 5) 

Which of the following is an example of the hash function? 

A. DES and CBC 

B. DAC and MAC 

C. SHA and 3DES 

D. MD5 and SHA-1 


Q59. - (Topic 2) 

In a R76ClusterXL Load Sharing configuration, which type of ARP related problem can force the use of Unicast Mode (Pivot) configuration due to incompatibility on some adjacent routers and switches? 

A. Multicast MAC address response to a Unicast IP request 

B. Unicast MAC address response to a Multicast IP request 

C. Multicast MAC address response to a RARP request 

D. MGCP MAC address response to a Multicast IP request 


Q60. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following is NOT a LDAP server option inSmart Directory? 

A. Novell_DS 

B. Netscape_DS 


D. Standard_DS 


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