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Juniper Juniper certification exam is referred to as Juniper JN0-533 exam which is never an easy test. Many graduates who major in world wide web technology are generally eager to get certified. There are lots of Juniper JN0-533 exam studying materials or even online education course inside the market. Choose a suitable along with valuable Juniper preparation materials is the essential task.

2021 Nov JN0-533 test question

Q31. Which two authentication algorithms does AutoKey IKE use during Phase 1 negotiations? (Choose two.) 

A. AES-256 

B. SHA2-256 

C. MD5 

D. 3DES 

Answer: B,C 

Q32. A routing table contains an IBGP route for, a RIP route for, an OSPF route for, and a static route for 

When the router receives traffic destined for, which route will the router use? 

A. the IBGP route 

B. the OSPF route 

C. the RIP route 

D. the static route 


Q33. You are receiving 3000 SYN packets per second from multiple outside sources to the same destination IP address in your network. You want the SYN proxy Screen option to engage when SYN packets exceed 2000 per second, but the SYN proxy is not engaging. 

What is causing the problem? 

A. The SYN packets are being sent to multiple destination ports. 

B. The alarm threshold is too high. 

C. The destination threshold is too high. 

D. The option to only generate alarms without dropping packets is set to ON. 


Q34. Click the Exhibit button. 

Network traffic with a source IP of, destination IP of, and a destination port of 80 is sent through the ScreenOS device. The inbound zone is Trust, the outbound zone is Untrust. 

Based on the policy configuration shown in the exhibit, what happens to this traffic? 

A. The traffic is denied by default policy. 

B. Traffic is denied by policy ID 3. 

C. Traffic is permitted by the global policy. 

D. Traffic is permitted by policy ID 2. 


Q35. You are troubleshooting telnet traffic destined to IP address You decide to run debug and want to set the flow filter. Which command will show only the telnet traffic going to the address? 

A. ssg5-serial-> set ffilter dst-ip ssg5-serial-> set ffilter dst-port 23 

B. ssg5-serial-> set ffilter dst-ip dst-port 23 

C. ssg5-serial-> set ffilter dst-port 23 

D. ssg5-serial-> set ffilter dst-ip 


Down to date JN0-533 exam cram:

Q36. -- Exhibit -- ssg5-> get conf | include syn set zone untrust screen syn-flood attack-threshold 625 set zone untrust screen syn-flood alarm-threshold 250 set zone untrust screen syn-flood timeout 20 set zone untrust screen syn-flood queue-size 1000 set zone untrust screen syn-flood set flow syn-proxy syn-cookie -- Exhibit -- 

A host in the untrust zone sends 1000 SYN packets in a single second to a host in your trust zone destined for port 80. 

Referring to the exhibit, which statement describes the behavior of the ScreenOS device? 

A. It will maintain this state for all 1000 connection attempts. 

B. It will begin to drop the SYN packets. 

C. It will block further connection attempts from this host for 20 seconds. 

D. It will reply with SYN-ACK packets. 


Q37. An SSG5 has a default configuration loaded on it. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Intrazone blocking is enabled for the trust zone. 

B. Intrazone blocking is disabled for the trust zone. 

C. Intrazone blocking is enabled for the untrust zone. 

D. Intrazone blocking is disabled for the untrust zone. 

Answer: B,C 

Q38. Which two configuration elements are synchronized between the members of an NSRP cluster? (Choose two.) 

A. interface IP addresses 

B. hostname 

C. track IP configuration 

D. static routes 

Answer: A,D 

Q39. You are using interface-based NAT for traffic passing from the trust zone to the untrust zone. 

What will occur? 

A. The source IP address is not translated. 

B. The source IP address is translated to the trust interface IP address. 

C. The network address and port translation (NAPT) is performed on the loopback interface. 

D. The source IP address is translated to the untrust interface IP address. 


Q40. Traffic is not passing the ScreenOS device due to an incorrectly configured policy. You must determine exactly which security policy the traffic is using. 

Which two CLI commands should be used? (Choose two.) 

A. snoop 

B. get session 

C. debug flow basic 

D. get counter stats 

Answer: B,C 

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