How Does Ucertify Check Point 156-915.77 testing engine Work?

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2021 Nov 156-915.77 testing engine

Q111. - (Topic 11) 

Which of the following CLISH commands would you use to set the admin user's shell to bash? 

A. set user admin shell bash 

B. set user admin shell /bin/bash 

C. set user admin shell = /bin/bash 

D. set user admin /bin/bash 


Q112. - (Topic 9) 

Access Role objects define users, machines, and network locations as: 

A. Credentialed objects 

B. Linked objects 

C. One object 

D. Separate objects 


100. - (Topic 9) 

Which of the following is NOT defined by an Access Role object? 

A. Source Network 

B. Source Machine 

C. Source User 

D. Source Server 


Topic 10, Identity Awareness Obj 4 

Q113. - (Topic 15) 

Which Check Point tool allows you to open a debug file and see the VPN packet exchange details. 

A. PacketDebug.exe 

B. VPNDebugger.exe 

C. IkeView.exe 

D. IPSECDebug.exe 


Q114. - (Topic 10) 

What command syntax would you use to see accounts the gateway suspects are service accounts? 

A. pdp check_log 

B. pdp show service 

C. adlog check_accounts 

D. adlog a service_accounts 


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Q115. - (Topic 1) 

What are you required to do before running the command upgrade_export? 

A. Run a cpstop on the Security Gateway. 

B. Run a cpstop on the Security Management Server. 

C. Close all GUI clients. 

D. Run cpconfig and set yourself up as a GUI client. 


Q116. - (Topic 2) 

You want to generate a cpinfo file via CLI on a system running GAiA. This will take about 40 minutes since the log files are also needed. What action do you need to take regarding timeout? 

A. No action is needed because cpshell has a timeout of one hour by default. 

B. Log in as the default user expert and start cpinfo. 

C. Log in as admin, switch to expert mode, set the timeout to one hour with the command, idle 60, then start cpinfo. 

D. Log in as Administrator, set the timeout to one hour with the command idle 60 and start cpinfo. 


Topic 3, Deployment Platforms Obj 3 

Q117. - (Topic 4) 

You are responsible for the configuration of MegaCorp’s Check Point Firewall. You need to allow two NAT rules to match a connection. Is it possible? Give the BEST answer. 

A. No, it is not possible to have more than one NAT rule matching a connection. When the firewall receives a packet belonging to a connection, it compares it against the first rule in the Rule Base, then the second rule, and so on. When it finds a rule that matches, it stops checking and applies that rule. 

B. Yes, it is possible to have two NAT rules which match a connection, but only in using Manual NAT (bidirectional NAT). 

C. Yes, there are always as many active NAT rules as there are connections. 

D. Yes, it is possible to have two NAT rules which match a connection, but only when using Automatic NAT (bidirectional NAT). 


Q118. - (Topic 10) 

What gives administrators more flexibility when configuring Captive Portal instead of LDAP query for Identity Awareness authentication? 

A. Captive Portal is more secure than standard LDAP 

B. Nothing, LDAP query is required when configuring Captive Portal 

C. Captive Portal works with both configured users and guests 

D. Captive Portal is more transparent to the user 


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