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2021 Nov 1v0-601 study guide:

Q11. Which storage feature allows common management across storage tiers and dynamic storage classes in the Software-Defined Data Center? 

A. VMware Certificate Authority 


C. Platform Services Controller 

D. Storage Policy-Based Management 



Storage-Policy Based Management Allows common  management  across  storage tiers  and dynamic  storage  class  of service automation via a policy-driven control plane. 



Q12. What are two features of vSphere with Operations Management? (Choose two.) 

A. Enables proactive identification of system issues through predictive analysis. 

B. Allows reclaiming overprovisioned capacity to increase resource utilization. 

C. Provides a secure portal for requesting new IT services. 

D. Delivers real-time log management. 

Answer: A, B 

Q13. What can an administrator do if they does not want Storage DRS to perform all storage balancing functions? 

A. Use automatic mode in Storage DRS 

B. Use manual mode in Storage DRS 

C. Use Storage vMotion 

D. Disable Storage DRS 




Q14. What are two advantages of Network I/O Control? (Choose two.) 

A. Monitors the virtual machine storage. 

B. Performs load-based teaming. 

C. Enforces network bandwidth limit on the virtual distributed switch. 

D. Enforces traffic isolation. 

Answer: B, C 


Limits - Enforce traffic bandwidth limit on the overall VDS set of dvUplinks. Load-based Teaming - Efficiently uses a VDS set of dvUplinks for networking capacity. 



Q15. An IT administrator working in a space agency has just in installed some applications that are critical for a satellite launch mission. The administrator wants the applications to work irrespective of any operating system failure. Which vSphere 6.x feature should the administrator use? 

A. vSphere HA 

B. vSphere Fault Tolerance 

C. vSphere Replication 

D. vSphere Data Protection 





Rebirth vmware data center virtualization fundamentals exam:

Q16. A network administrator notices that a few virtual machines run slowly every morning. To 

troubleshoot the issue the administrator needs to analyze the total traffic sent I virtual machines. 

Which feature would the administrator use for troubleshooting? 

A. Virtual LANs B. Traffic Shaping C. NetFlow 

D. Port Mirroring 



I would like to clarify few things in this blog entry about the Port-mirroring feature that is available on vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS). This feature is similar to the port mirroring capability available on the physical switches. Network administrators can use this feature to troubleshoot any network related issues in the virtual infrastructure and monitor virtual_machine-to-virtual_machine traffic that is flowing on the same ESXi host. Network administrators use network analyzer tool, which captures traffic, along with the port mirror feature to perform monitoring and troubleshooting activities. In the physical network, depending  on where the  analyzer or debug tool is placed in the  network,  network administrators choose different port mirroring options. The following are some of the standard port mirroring options available on physical switches 


http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2012/06/how-to-use-port-mirroring-feature-of-vds-for- monitoring-virtual-machine-traffic.html 

Q17. After creating virtual machine backups using vSphere Data Protection, you decide to perform a simple verification of those backups. Which feature will you use for this? 

A. vSphere Replication 

B. Changed Block Tracking 

C. VMware Tools heartbeat 

D. Verification scripts 



VMware Tools heartbeat, used for simple verification 



Q18. Which statement about standard switches is true? 

A. Performs Port Mirroring simultaneously for virtual machines in all port groups 

B. Performs Port Mirroring for virtual machines in the same port group. 

C. Bridges traffic between virtual machines in other port groups. 

D. Bridges traffic internally between virtual machines in the same port group. 



A standard switch can bridge traffic internally between virtual machines in the same port 

group and link to external networks. 




Q19. How does Storage Replication handle data replication without a dedicated link between various storage sites? 

A. By using storage I/O control for replication of datastores. 

B. By Using the host as a medium to provide asynchronous replication of datastores. 

C. By using volume level mirroring. 

D. By using storage vMotion. 



vSphere Storage vMotion Yes You can move the disk files of a replicated virtual machine on the source 


http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-replication-60/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vsphere- replication-60-admin.pdf 

Q20. A company has recently incurred financial loss, due to a crashed server that resulted in the loss of critical data. Which two vSphere 6.x features should this company implement to protect against losing critical data due to physical server failure? (Choose two.) 

A. Virtual Volumes 

B. Enhanced vMotion Capability 

C. High Availability 

D. Fault Tolerance 

Answer: C, D 


VMware HA. The solution in this paper extends the high availability offered by VMware HA by using a feature called VMware Fault Tolerance, which protects mission- critical virtual machines (VMs) from downtime and data loss. 

Reference: http://h20215.www2.hp.com/v2/getpdf.aspx/4aa0-4385enw.pdf 

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