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2021 Nov 156-915.77 practice

Q81. - (Topic 15) 

You want to establish a VPN, using certificates. Your VPN will exchange certificates with an external partner. Which of the following activities should you do first? 

A. Exchange exported CA keys and use them to create a new server object to represent your partner’s Certificate Authority (CA). 

B. Create a new logical-server object to represent your partner’s CA. 

C. Manually import your partner’s Access Control List. 

D. Manually import your partner’s Certificate Revocation List. 


Q82. - (Topic 3) 

Select the correct statement about Secure Internal Communications (SIC) Certificates. SIC Certificates: 

A. Are used for securing internal network communications between the SmartDashboard and the Security Management Server. 

B. For R75 Security Gateways are created during the Security Management Server installation. 

C. Decrease network security by securing administrative communication among the Security Management Servers and the Security Gateway. 

D. Uniquely identify Check Point enabled machines; they have the same function as VPN Certificates. 


Q83. - (Topic 10) 

What command with appropriate switches would you use to test Identity Awareness connectivity? 

A. test_ldap 

B. test_ad_connectivity 

C. test_ldap_connectivity 

D. test_ad 


Q84. - (Topic 15) 

When configuring numbered VPN Tunnel Interfaces (VTIs) in a clustered environment, 

what issues need to be considered? 

1) Each member must have a unique source IP address. 

2) Every interface on each member requires a unique IP address. 

3) All VTI's going to the same remote peer must have the same name. 

4) Cluster IP addresses are required. 

A. 1, 2, and 4 

B. 2 and 3 

C. 1, 2, 3 and 4 

D. 1, 3, and 4 


Topic 16, SmartReporting and SmartEvent 

Q85. - (Topic 9) 

How granular may an administrator filter an Access Role with identity awareness? Per: 

A. Specific ICA Certificate 

B. AD User 

C. Radius Group 

D. Windows Domain 


Rebirth 156-915.77 exam question:

Q86. - (Topic 13) 

Which process should you debug if SmartDashboard login fails? 

A. sdm 

B. cpd 

C. fwd 

D. fwm 


Q87. - (Topic 3) 

How do you recover communications between your Security Management Server and Security Gateway if you lock yourself out through a rule or policy mis-configuration? 

A. fw unload policy 

B. fw unloadlocal 

C. fw delete all.all@localhost 

D. fwm unloadlocal 


Q88. - (Topic 2) 

Many companies have defined more than one administrator. To increase security, only one administrator should be able to install a Rule Base on a specific Firewall. How do you configure this? 

A. Define a permission profile in SmartDashboard with read/write privileges, but restrict it to all other firewalls by placing them in the Policy Targets field. Then, an administrator with this permission profile cannot install a policy on any Firewall not listed here. 

B. Put the one administrator in an Administrator group and configure this group in the specific Firewall object in Advanced > Permission to Install. 

C. In the object General Properties representing the specific Firewall, go to the Software Blades product list and select Firewall. Right-click in the menu, select Administrator to Install to define only this administrator. 

D. Right-click on the object representing the specific administrator, and select that Firewall in Policy Targets. 


Q89. - (Topic 12) 

MegaCorp is running Smartcenter R70, some Gateways at R65 and some other Gateways with R60. Management wants to upgrade to the most comprehensive IPv6 support. What should the administrator do first? 

A. Upgrade Smartcenter to R77 first. 

B. Upgrade R60-Gateways to R65. 

C. Upgrade every unit directly to R77. 

D. Check the ReleaseNotes to verify that every step is supported. 


Q90. - (Topic 16) 

You have selected the event Port Scan from Internal Network in SmartEvent, to detect an event when 30 port scans have occurred within 60 seconds. You also want to detect two port scans from a host within 10 seconds of each other. How would you accomplish this? 

A. Define the two port-scan detections as an exception. 

B. You cannot set SmartEvent to detect two port scans from a host within 10 seconds of each other. 

C. Select the two port-scan detections as a sub-event. 

D. Select the two port-scan detections as a new event. 


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