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Exam Code: CD0-001 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CDIA+ Certification Exam
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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Q31. A worldwide retail delivery vendor requires signatures on all delivery receipts. Transferring these receipts into the archive rapidly is of utmost importance. Because of receipt quality and employee turnover, scanning of the receipts has proven problematic. Shipping the receipt to central scan sites is viewed as expensive and time consuming. What can help this customer? 

A. Better trained employees 

B. An electronic signature system 

C. Better courier agreements 

D. Higher quality scanners 

Answer: B 


Q32. In order to allow for the encrypted access of documents over the web, the web server should support: 

A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 


C. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). 

D. XML. 

Answer: A 


Q33. Regulations state that records must be stored in a non-alterable format on non-alterable media. Which of the following BEST satisfies the requirement? 




D. Magneto-Optical (MO) 

Answer: B 


Q34. When library services are assigned for a document management system, what elements should be discussed with the customer? 

A. Integration aspects, user interface 

B. Versioning, document life cycle, attributes 

C. Scanning, image enhancement, display of image 

D. View and edit applications, on-line content conversion 

Answer: B 


Q35. Exambible plans to implement a new document management solution and move from optical storage to RAID5 storage. When they convert the document images from the optical platters to RAID5, how many pages will there be from a jukebox with ten 2.6GB platters, each of which 90% is full, assuming that average image size is 50KB? 

A. 468,000 pages 

B. 520,000 pages 

C. 4,680,000 pages 

D. 5,200,000 pages 

Answer: A 


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Q36. Exambible plans to use an EDM system to capture and manage the invoices it generates from its financial system. Which of the following solutions would require the LEAST storage volume? 

A. Print invoices to fax and import. 

B. Print invoices to printer and batch scan. 

C. Print invoices to file and import via COLD/ERM. 

D. Print invoices to digital copier and batch scan. 

Answer: C 


Q37. Business requirements state a need to search across four existing archives, as well as database sources from a single interface with a single query. What technology is being requested? 

A. Web crawling 

B. Data warehouse 

C. Federated search 

D. Repository consolidation 

Answer: C 


Q38. The customers help desk requires remote management of the devices proposed. The proposed solution only supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) discovery as a means to monitor the devices. To ensure that this proposal meets the customers requirements, this item should be discussed with the: 

A. end-user. 

B. help desk. 

C. IT department. 

D. Chief Information Officer (CIO). 

Answer: C 


Q39. Exambible is currently experiencing extreme network slow downs during peak periods of network traffic which occur during peak images times. To solve this problem the network administrator should be advised to do which of the following? 

A. Upgrade imaging workstations. 

B. Schedule user disconnects from the network. 

C. Schedule release of images for off-peak hours. 

D. Limit network rights of those running imaging equipment 

Answer: C 


Q40. Exambible has several departments that operate independently but are on the same LAN, causing excessive network traffic. Each department has its own scanning stations and servers. Which of the following actions would be the most appropriate in addressing the problems caused by the excessive network traffic? 

A. Segment the network 

B. Change the networking protocol 

C. Install a modem to isolate the servers 

D. Change to a cable with a higher bandwidth 

Answer: A 


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