6 tips on How to 1Z0-465 Test Like a Badass [51 to 56]

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2021 Jul 1Z0-465 vce

Q51. When using standard reports within the Analytics module there is a limit to what can be edited in each report. 

Select the two items that are editable on a standard report. 

A. Schedules 

B. Report Heading 

C. Non Selectable Filters 

D. Column Headings 

E. Graphs 

F. Permissions 

Answer: A,B 

Explanation: A: choose Edit Report Definition 

In edit mode, on the Home tab, choose Scheduling. 

. Choose Add Schedule, and then change the format to HTML Email (Images/Charts sent in email) 

. Name the schedule, fill in your e-mail address, and set the recurrence to weekly. 

. Save your report. 

Q52. Your customer has team leads who are responsible for creating business rules and managing staff accounts. However, they should not be allowed to create or modify any profiles. 

Which two options should be used to configure the Navigation Set for these team leads? 

A. Keep the default Configuration items in the Configuration pane and let the profile handle this. 

B. Create a navigation set that only has "Rules" and all "Staff Management" items in the configuration pane. 

C. Add the Configuration item of Rules, and Staff Account by Group report into Home Tab and remove the default Configuration pane. 

D. Add the Configuration items of Workspace/Workflows, Rules, and Staff Account by Group Report into the Home Tab and remove default Configuration pane. 

Answer: A,B 



* The configuration tasks required when starting to use RightNow CX are: 

1. Create Navigation Set 

2. Create Workspace (optional) 

3. Create Profile (associate Navigation Set and Workspace with the Profile) 

4. Create Staff Account (associate Profile with the Staff Account) 

Q53. Referring to custom fields in the system, identify the column identifier that indicates it is a custom field. 

A. CO$ 

B. C$ 

C. RN$ 

D. CF$ 

E. $C 

Answer: B 

Explanation: In the latest RightNow API (February 2012 and May 2012 release), one of the important changes we need to be aware of is the structure of custom field and the query format in ROQL. 

In the older API version, all custom field API name has a prefix of “c$”. e.g, c$mycustomfield. You can query the custom field data out by using the following ROQL: 

Select ID, c$mycustomfield FROM Contact; 

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Q54. Your customer would like some changes to be made in the incident workspace. Which three changes can be made by using workspace functionality? 

A. Right justify all field labels on the workspace 

B. Copy the value in the Queue menu to a custom field. 

C. Conditionally hide specific product items based on the logged in staff account's profile. 

D. Focus on a specific workspace tab based on the value of a custom field. 

E. Change the color of the Banner Flag based on the incident's severity. 

Answer: A,C,E 



* RightNow Service provides a standard workspace for working with incidents. The workspace defines which fields are available, which buttons are displayed on the ribbon, and how the information is organized on the content pane. 

* keep in mind that the workspace your profile uses may display a different combination of fields, or it may display them in a different location on the content pane. 

* example of the standard incident workspace. 

Q55. Your customer has created a new script and has deployed it to the agents in their call center within their incident workflow. 

They have noticed an issue that all of their agents cannot end the script of the places that were designed to. 

Identity the two reasons for this. 

A. There are no exit or finished events being triggered on the script pages. 

B. The agents cannot get to the pages where they can end the script. 

C. There are no return events listed in the incident workflow for the script to use. 

D. There are no script beginning and ending buttons enabled for the script pages. 

Answer: B,C 

Q56. What is the maximum number of special characters that can be required in a password in addition to having lower and uppercase letters, two numbers, and a maximum character length of 10. 

A. 5 

B. 3 

C. 6 

D. 1 

E. 8 

Answer: C 

Explanation: One lower case later, one uppercase letter, two numbers. All the remaining characters can be required to be special characters. 

Note: * 


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