10 tips on How to 200-047 Test Like a Badass [51 to 60]

The actual Isilon 200-047 questions and answers are usually updated through the engineers live. Youll get the most recent simulated test concerns that are in keeping with the current Isilon test. More notably, the actual up-date day prolonged to 180 days, exhibiting you will probably have fifty percent any years time to study 200-047 puts.

2021 Jul 200-047 exam answers

Q51. What is the main script used by SupportIQ? 

A. There is no main script 

B. isi_services_support 

C. isi support 

D. isi_gather_info 

Answer: D

Q52. Which of the following are MIBs for Isilon clusters? 





Answer: B

Q53. When a file is saved to an Isilon cluster, which node creates the data and parity stripes? 

A. The stripes are assigned to two separate nodes for calculation. 

B. The node connected to the client. 

C. The node with the least amount of read / write activity. 

D. All nodes use Round Robin to take turns calculating the stripes. 

Answer: B

Q54. SupportIQ gathers all information about a cluster and assembles it together in what format? 

A. ISO image 

B. Zip file 

C. Tar ball 

D. Cab file 

Answer: C

Q55. A Mac DNS server can be used to redirect cluster client requests to SmartConnect. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A

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Q56. iSCSI performance is best when which of the following is disabled? 

A. Prefetching and read caching 

B. Write caching and prefetching 

C. Prefetching and Streaming disk access pattern 

D. Read caching and Random disk access pattern 

Answer: B

Q57. How do you configure a CIFS share on an Isilon cluster that is running OneFS 6.5? 

A. Log in as root and create the folder in File System Explorer 

B. Log in as admin and create the share in the Edit Share page 

C. Log in as root and create it in Add Share page 

D. CIFS shares are not supported 

Answer: D

Q58. What does an ACE contain? (Choose 2) 


B. Group or user 

C. Permission 


Answer: BC

Q59. A node fails, how does the SmartFail handle it? 

A. All node failures automatically start the SmartFail process. 

B. SmartFail notifies other nodes and turns the failed node off. 

C. All node failures wait for manual intervention from an administrator before beginning the SmartFail process. 

D. SmartFail notifies SmartConnect of the that the node is no longer available. 

Answer: C

Q60. When configuring ID mappings what does the setting “lookup normalize users” do? 

A. Changes all users name to lowercase before performing a user name search 

B. Converts all users regardless of access level to normal level before performing a user name search 

C. Affects root and admin users only by normalizing the users name to lowercase before performing a user name search 

D. Converts normal users to the same ID mapping before performing a user name search 

Answer: A

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