Tips to Pass 200-047 Exam (41 to 50)

The actual Isilon experts have the possibility to become a professional within it field also want to get to the maximum associated with ability and accomplishment, so they must participate in diverse Isilon accreditation exams. Isilon 200-047 known as Isilon Certified Integration Engineer Exam for OneFS 6.5 will be stepping-stone to check the particular candidates information and capacity in the related field of work. Testking Isilon 200-047 on the internet exercise assessments can promise that you are able to handle these highly skilled and qualified functions. Our own 200-047 exercise exam offers the actual questions and answers, guaranteeing an individual move the real 200-047 exam along with best grades.

2021 Jul 200-047 simulations

Q41. What does Isilon’s single file system in an Isilon cluster eliminate? (Choose 3) 

A. A unified namespace 


C. Volumes 

D. Multiple local file systems 

E. Ease of management 

Answer: BCD

Q42. Which of the following is the best practice for virtual machines on an iSCSI datastore? (Choose 2.) 

A. Use a single LUN datastore per iSCSI connection 

B. Use a single LUN datastore for all iSCSI connection 

C. Configure SnapshotIQ and SmartPools 

D. Configure MPIO for failover 

Answer: AD

Q43. Which of the following is supported by NFSv4 on an Isilon cluster? (Choose 3) 

A. Oplocks 

B. State 

C. Windows ACLs 




G. Byte range locks 

Answer: BCD

Q44. Which of the following is the Active Directory domain identifier used by an Isilon cluster when allocating SIDs? 

A. I-1-144-1 

B. I-1-20-2 

C. S-1-22-1 

D. S-1-20-2 

Answer: C

Q45. What is the procedure to install the SupportIQ agent? 

A. Isilon Support remotely connects to the cluster and installs SupportIQ. 

B. A cluster administrator must log in and run the isi supportIQ command. 

C. A cluster administrator installs the agent installation file sent by Isilon Support. 

D. No action is needed. The agent is included in OneFS and enabled by default. 

Answer: C

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Up to the minute 200-047 test questions:

Q46. What does Oplock stand for? 

A. Option Primary Level Object Caching Kernel. 

B. Operation locked 

C. Opportunity lock 

D. Only Policy locking 

E. Opportunistic locking 

Answer: E

Q47. When does a cluster fail a node? 

A. Automatically after sending an event. 

B. Only after administrative approval. 

C. After three missed heartbeats. 

D. Never. Failing a node is manual step-by-step process that requires administrative approval for each step. 

Answer: B

Q48. Which node should be assigned the SmartConnect Service IP address? 

A. The node with the lowest LNN 

B. Only nodes servicing SMB clients 

C. All nodes can use the SmartConnect Service IP 

D. Only nodes servicing NFS clients 

E. None 

Answer: E

Q49. Which of the following access protocols are supported by OneFS 6.5? (Choose 4.) 







Answer: BCDF

Q50. Select the standard ACL policies options? (Choose 4) 

A. SMB only 

B. UNIX only 

C. Balanced 

D. NFS only 

E. Windows Only 

F. Manual Configuration 

Answer: BCEF

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