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2021 Mar 220-602 Study Guide Questions:

Q256. To resolve a distorted video display in a shared video memory environment, restart the computer:

A. boot into Windows; right click on My Computer, select Manage and change the shared memory value to maximum setting.

B. press F8 to enter diagnostic menu; select Safe Mode: Control Panel, Display.

C. boot into Windows; right click on the desktop, select Properties, Settings.

D. enter the BIOS settings; locate the video card settings and change the shared memory value to maximum setting.

Answer: D

Q257. A user reports that the computer appears to be working more slowly than usual. Which of the following actions should be taken FIRST?

A. Add a new hard drive and format by creating the same file system.

B. Backup and recover the hard drive.

C. Format and re-install the hard drive.

D. Use the defrag tool from the Properties on the hard drive.

Answer: D

Q258. Which of the following technologies are used for a short-range communication connection to a wireless keyboard and mouse?

A. Cellular.

B. Ethernet.

C. Firewire.

D. Bluetooth.

Answer: D

Q259. You are a senior technician at A trainee asks you if you could give two examples of typically hot-swappable devices on a laptop. What would your answer be?

A. IDE interface hard drive

B. RAM memory

C. PCMCIA devices

D. modular CD-ROM drive

Answer: CD

Q260. A computer is able to connect to a website directly when using an IP address but not when using the hostname. The problem may be that there is no:

A. DHCP assigned.

B. gateway assigned.

C. DNS configured.

D. IP address assigned.

Answer: C

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Q261. When An user turns on his computer, the computer makes several beeps and the power-on self test (POST) does not complete. Which of the following components might be at fault? (Choose TWO.)


B. The hard drive.

C. CD-ROM drive.

D. The floppy disk drive.

E. The power supply.

F. The CPU.

Answer: AF

Q262. In Windows XP, which of the following will CTRL+C do when running a command line utility?





Answer: C

Q263. You are working as a senior network technician. A trainee asks which of the following IP addresses that can be routed across the Internet. What will you answer him?





Answer: A

Q264. You are working as a technician at A user brings a scanner that has been left in a storage area a couple of years ago, and wants to know if it might still work. The scanner has nothing that would identify a manufacturer so you'll need to try it out with a general driver. Which of the following would be a common scanner driver?





Answer: B

Q265. Fiber optic technology is MOST commonly used for which of the following topologies?

A. wireless

B. Token Ring



Answer: D

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Q266. Which of the following is valuable and irreplaceable user data that should be included in a data backup strategy?

A. E-mail

B. Program Files

C. System files

D. My Documents

Answer: AD

Q267. While working on-site, customer asks An technician to do extra work on his computer. What should the technician do?

A. Return after hours to perform the extra work.

B. Contact the supervisor and proceed as directed.

C. Inform the customer that the extra work would require extra costs.

D. Perform the work and notify the supervisor afterward.

Answer: B

Q268. You work as the security administrator at While monitoring network traffic, you find that your domain name server is resolving the domain name to the incorrect IP (Internet Protocol) address. You discover that Internet traffic is being misdirected.

You immediately suspect that an intruder has launched a malicious attack against the network. Which type of network attack is in progress?

A. A DoS (Denial of Service) attack.

B. A Spoofing attack.

C. A Brute Force attack.

D. A Reverse DNS (Domain Name Service).

Answer: B

Q269. You work as a network technician at The network user has installed a new printer. The user has reported when he selects print from applications the previous printer is still used. You are required to resolve the problem.

What should you do?

A. You should have the print job printed on the default printer.

B. You should make use of the printers Security tab for selecting 'Make this printer the Defaulr printer on the system.

C. You should delete the newly installed printer and try again.

D. You should right click the new printer and select the option 'Set as Default'.

Answer: D

Q270. You work as a network technician at An user wants to know the proper cause of action when installing software for the customer and providing a copy of the software and the customer does not have a license for the program.

What would your reply be?

A. You should immediately contact the Software Piracy division of the local law enforcement authorities.

B. You should tell the customer to purchase legal software.

C. You should let the customer know that using unlicensed software is against the law.

D. You should refuse to install the program for the customer and inform the supervisor.

Answer: C