How to pass CompTIA 220-602 Real Exam in 24 Hours [actual test 541-555]

Exam Code: 220-602 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA 220-602 Exam (IT Technician designation pathway)
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2021 Mar 220-602 Study Guide Questions:

Q541. You are working as a senior technician at A trainee asks you how he can control the startup environment. Which of the following commands will you tell him to use.





Answer: D

Q542. You are working as a technician at A customer has requested that you do work outside the original scope of the work order. Which of the following actions should you take?

A. Return after the work day is finished and complete the out of scope work.

B. Contact the supervisor and proceed as directed.

C. Inform the customer that additional work requires additional cost.

D. Leave the site and notify the supervisor.

Answer: B

Q543. You work as the network technician at During the course of the business day you are working with a customer on a service call when you receive an urgent page. You are required to select what the best action to take would be.

What should you do?

A. You should consider informing the customer you have an emergency and return the call after determining that the page was not important.

B. You should consider returning the call whilst still working with the service call.

C. You should consider leaving the site in order to determine the details about the urgent call.

D. You should consider politely asking to be excuse and return the call when you determined that the call is not urgent and return the call.

Answer: D

Q544. You work as the network technician at An user complained that he installed a network application software to the Windows XP Professional SP2 computer but the application is not able to communicate with the network server. You are required to resolve the problem.

What should you do?

A. You should have the Microsoft .NET framework installed.

B. You should have Windows XP Professional's Service Pack 2 upgrade uninstalled using Add or Remove Programs.

C. You should configure the Exception list of the Windows Firewall by adding the port number and name of the service.

D. You should have Service Pack 2 of Windows XP Professional re-installed.

Answer: C

Q545. A technician wants to enable help desk support staff to initiate help desk sessions rather than have users send invitations. Which of the following is the BEST course of action?

A. Offer training to users about Remote Desktop Support.

B. Enable Remote Desktop on all computers.

C. Enable Offer Remote Assistance on the help desk computers.

D. Enable Offer Remote Assistance on the user computers.

Answer: B

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Updated 220-602 test:

Q546. A customer complains that after the memory on his laptop was upgraded from 512 MB to 1024 MB of RAM, his laptop reports that only 768 MB of RAM is installed. What is the MOST probable cause of this?

A. The operating system does not support more than 768 MB of RAM.

B. The RAM module is not seated properly.

C. The technician installed the wrong RAM module.

D. The laptop is equipped with an onboard video adapter that uses shared video memory.

Answer: D

Q547. A ______ cables is used to connect a printer to the parallel port of a computer.

A. IEEE 1284

B. RS-232C

C. IEEE 802.11

D. IEEE 1394

Answer: A

Q548. Damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be prevented by:

A. wearing an anti-static coat.

B. using an electromagnetic interference (EMI) strap.

C. using an anti-static mat.

D. wrapping all computer components in aluminum foil.

Answer: C

Q549. You work as the network technician at The network user has complained that the computer fails to boot after the upgrade of the graphics adapter. You are required to select the best action to take in the situation.

What should you do?

A. You should start the computer using the Directory Services Restore Mode.

B. You should make use of the Registry editor and apply the 'Last Known Good Configuration.'

C. You should start in safe mode and use device manager to perform a driver 'Roll Back'.

D. You should re-install Windows XP Professional's Service Pack 2.

Answer: C

Q550. A user’s computer has been replaced with a new computer. Which of the following should be done with the old computer?

A. Reassign the computer as is to another user in the organization.

B. Rebuild the computer for another user in the organization.

C. Store the computer for one month in case user profile or data files are missing on the new computer.

D. Sanitize the computer and send the computer for disposal.

Answer: C

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Tested 220-602 question:

Q551. You are working as a technician at You want to set up a direct wireless connection between your tablet computer and a correctly equipped printer.

Which of the following could you use?

A. IEEE 1284

B. Bluetooth

C. IEEE 1394

D. Firewire

Answer: B

Q552. In Windows XP Service Pack 2, the settings for Data Execution Prevention are accessed by going to Control Panel then:

A. System > Hardware tab > Performance Settings.

B. System > Performance Settings.

C. System > Advanced tab > Performance Settings.

D. System > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery Settings.

Answer: C

Q553. You are working as a Technician at You have just installed an additional 300GB hard drive in a computer. The system hard drive is configured with NTFS and the new data hard drive came configured with FAT32. Which of the following statements are true? (Choose TWO).

A. The cluster size is smaller and storage is more efficient on the system drive.

B. The cluster size is larger and storage is more efficient on the system drive.

C. Files on the system drive can be secured.

D. Larger logical drives can be made on the data drive.

Answer: AC

Q554. What is it called when an attacker makes data to look like it's coming from a legitimate source?

A. hacking

B. spoofing

C. hijacking

D. multithreading

Answer: B

Q555. You work as the network administrator at The newly appointed network trainee has asked you what the purpose of the switches are when using the command line.

What would your reply be?

A. The switches at the command line are used for altering the command actions by narrowing or widening the function of the command used.

B. The switches at the command line are used to have the command perform unrelated actions by changing the core behavior of a command.

C. The switches at the command line are used to enable the command to run on any operating system since the switches identifies the operating system used.

D. The switches at the command line are used within the application icons of the graphical user interface (GUI desktop to force the icon's graphical appearance.

Answer: A