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2021 Mar 220-602 Study Guide Questions:

Q496. You are working as a technician at You have been asked to troubleshoot a problem where none of 3 SCSI drives in a chain are seen. To troubleshoot this problem, you should start with checking:

A. for SCSI-2 host adapter ID 7 or 15 and whether all the hard drives are terminated and have a consecutive ID of 0, 1 and 2.

B. for SCSI host adapter ID 0; whether the chain is terminated and that all hard disks share the same ID.

C. for the SCSI-2 host adapter ID 7 or 15 and whether both ends of the chain are terminated and that every hard drives has a unique ID.

D. whether the host adapter is terminated and has a unique ID and that the 3 hard drives have a consecutive ID of 1, 2 and 3.

Answer: C

Q497. You are working as a technician at You are troubleshooting a workstation that will not complete a POST (Power-on self test). Which two of the following components may be defective to cause this behavior? (Choose TWO).

A. memory

B. hard drive


D. power supply


Answer: AE

Q498. PC Cards that often are used on laptops is also known under an other name. What are they called except PC Cards?

A. PC Bus adapters.

B. Smart card readers.


D. USB adapters.

Answer: C

Q499. An technician needs to repair a customer's computer in a secure area. The technician will have to reboot the computer several times but the computer is password protected. What should the technician do?

A. Inform the user that he will have to log on after each reboot.

B. Create a user account that the technician can use.

C. Ask for the user's password.

D. Inform the user that you will be changing the password.

Answer: A

Q500. When configuring a computer for use on a network using DHCP, the computer does not acquire an IP address. Which of the following may be the cause? (Choose TWO).

A. The gateway address is incorrectly configured.

B. The DHCP service is not running.

C. The WINS server has not been specified.

D. The switch that the computer is connected to is unplugged.

E. The DHCP server address is incorrect.

Answer: BD

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Update 220-602 test:

Q501. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding a computer running Windows XP Professional SP2 being limited to running in 16 color mode only?

A. The problem could be caused by installing an incompatible driver.

B. The problem could be caused by the display adapters IRQ being disabled in the BIOS.

C. The problem could be caused by an IRQ conflict between the display adapter and another device.

D. The problem could be caused by installing an incompatible display adapter in the computer.

Answer: A

Q502. While working at a customer's home, the technician is informed that the customer has to go out for a few minutes. The customer assures the technician that if he needs anything his ten year old child would be able to assist. What do you suggest the technician should do?

A. Leave the site and inform the customer that he will return when the customer comes back.

B. Continue working as the customer should be back within a few minutes.

C. Inform the customer that the child should not be in the same room as the technician while the customer is away.

D. Inform the customer that the technician and the company cannot be held liable should anything occur while the customer is away

Answer: A

Q503. Which of the following is used to produce the best LCD image on a laptop?

A. Dual scan

B. Active scanning

C. Active matrix

D. Passive matrix

Answer: C

Q504. What should An technician do to determine the right amperage of the alternating current (AC) adapter for An laptop? (Choose TWO.)

A. Check in the Power Options applet in Control Panel.

B. Consult the user's manual.

C. Use a Multi meter.

D. Consult the vendor's website.

Answer: BD

Q505. Which of the following may occur if a computer is plugged directly into the wall outlet?

A. The monitor could suffer from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

B. The computer could be damaged by a power surge.

C. The computers performance could be affected.

D. The computer could cause radio frequency interference (RFI).

Answer: B

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Virtual 220-602 practice test:

Q506. You need to free up some extra hard drive space on a workstation. Which of the following is an application in Windows that allows removal of unnecessary files?

A. Disk Cleanup

B. Delete command


D. Defrag

Answer: A

Q507. You work as the network technician at The newly appointed network trainee has asked you where the appropriate maintenance schedule for a laser printer will be found. You are required to inform the trainee where the schedule could be found.

What would your reply be?

A. The maintenance schedule will be found in the service guide recommendations of the manufacturer.

B. The maintenance schedule will be found in a generated e-mail by the printer to the network administrator programmed into the printer settings

C. The maintenance schedule will be found on the Printer Driver Properties page.

D. The maintenance schedule will be found inside the back panel of the printer on a label.

Answer: A

Q508. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the available RAM when you have a computer with 16MB of video shared memory and a total of 256MB RAM?

A. 512MB

B. 1024MB

C. 228MB

D. 240MB

Answer: D

Q509. You work as the network administrator at makes use of Windows XP Professional SP2 as their client computers. You are required to configure An user to have the ability to make system changes to individual workstations.

What should you do?

A. You should add all usernames to the Backup Operators group on each workstation.

B. You should place the user's accounts in a created group with the rights to make needed changes.

C. Add administrative rights to each network login on the domain.

D. You should place all usernames in the Debug Users group on the domain controller.

Answer: B

Q510. How many bits does an Internet Protocol address consist of?

A. 16 bits

B. 256 bits

C. 32 bits

D. 64 bits

Answer: C