How to pass CompTIA 220-602 Real Exam in 24 Hours [practice test 271-285]

Question No. 271

What would the technician use to clear the log when he receives an 'error log full' message?

A. Event Viewer in Administrative Tools.

B. System Restore in System Tools.

C. Disk Defragmenter in System Tools.

D. Disk Management in Computer Management.

Answer: A

Question No. 272

You are working as a senior technician at A trainee asks which of the following IEEE definitions that could be used to provide a wireless solution for networking printers and other devices. What will you answer him?

A. IEEE 1284

B. IEEE 802.11b

C. IEEE 1394

D. IEEE 802.3

Answer: B

Question No. 273

A technician has completed a new Windows XP Professional image and would like all users to receive standard desktop settings when logging in for the first time. The standard settings have been configured using a temporary user account and the temporary user account profile should be copied to the:

A. administrators profile.

B. systems profile.

C. all users profile.

D. default users profile.

Answer: D

Question No. 274

You are working as a technician at You are troubleshooting a computer that during the POST (power-on self test) makes several beeps and then stalls. Which of the following components would most probably be the cause of the problem?

A. hard drive

B. memory

C. power supply

D. sound card

Answer: B

Question No. 275

While working at a customers home, a technician accidentally breaks a data pin on a CD-ROM drive causing the drive not to function. The customer is not aware of the issue and the computer is 8 years old. Which of the following actions should the technician take?

A. Inform the customer that the CD-ROM drive is no longer working and because of its age, it is recommended to replace the computer.

B. Reconnect the broken CD-ROM drive, turn on the computer and inform the customer that the work is complete. Wait for the customer to notice the problem then charge for a service call to replace the CD-ROM drive.

C. Reconnect the broken CD-ROM drive, turn on the computer and inform the customer that due to its age, the CD-ROM drive is no longer working and that the customer should upgrade to a better CD-ROM drive.

D. Inform the customer that the CD-ROM drive is no longer working because of a mistake made by the technician. Call the supervisor and request a replacement CD-ROM drive at the cost of the company.

Answer: D

Question No. 276 has purchasing a laptop with internal wireless capability; however, the laptop fails to connect to any wireless network at What should the technician check FIRST?

A. That the latest Service Pack is installed.

B. The switch that activates the wireless antenna.

C. That the wireless access point is active.

D. That the laptop is equipped with a built-in modem.

Answer: B

Question No. 277

In Windows XP, which of the following commands can be used to access the Registry Editor and make security changes?





Answer: A

Question No. 278

An technician cannot PING the loopback address on a computer that is configured with a static IP address of What could be the MOST probable cause of this problem?

A. The network interface card (NIC) is faulty.

B. The network cable is faulty.

C. The network switch is faulty.

D. The DNS server is offline.

Answer: A

Question No. 279

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the specification set criteria for the Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) for printers by selecting the appropriate technology?

A. The appropriate technology would be IEEE 1284

B. The appropriate technology would be USB 2.0

C. The appropriate technology would be IEEE 1394

D. The appropriate technology would be SATA

Answer: A

Question No. 280

Which of the following tools allows a user to manage their computer system's configuration?




D. Disk Management

Answer: C

Question No. 281

A computer continuously performs a spontaneous system reboot. Which of the following may be the cause?

A. overheated CPU

B. monitor failure

C. network connectivity

D. hard disk failure

Answer: A

Question No. 282

You work as a network technician at A newly appointed trainee wants to know which of the following recovery options for the operating system are available when booting from a Windows 2000/XP CD-ROM. What would your reply be?

A. The Automated System Recovery will be available.

B. The BOOT.INI file will be available.

C. The System Configuration Utility will be available.

D. The Direct X Diagnostics will be available.

Answer: A

Question No. 283

Which of the following commands can be used to check the integrity of the system files in Windows XP Professional?


B. Dr. Watson



Answer: A

Question No. 284

You are working as a technician at You are asked to investigate a problem with the network. The request falls out of the scope of service that you as a technician provide. Which of the following actions should you take?

A. Tell the user that what is requested is not the technician's job but try to fix the problem anyway.

B. Assist the user to find the appropriate channels to resolve the problem.

C. Tell the user that the problem should be reported to someone else.

D. Explain to the user that the problem will be fixed soon and then proceed with the technician's assigned work.

Answer: B

Question No. 285

You receive a call from a co-worker while troubleshooting An employee's computer. The co-worker has some quite complicated issues that he needs help with. How should you handle this call?

A. step out of the room to take the telephone call.

B. ask the co-worker to call back later and continue working.

C. help the co-worker while continuing work.

D. tell the employee that you need to take a break.

Answer: B