Tips to Pass 310-811 Exam (1 to 10)

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Q1. Does the ordering of tables shown in an EXPLAIN output have any significance? Why?

A. Yes, it determines the table from which data will read first. 

B. No, it sorts them alphabetically.

C. Yes, it sorts by the most optimized to the least optimized. 

D. No, the order is determined by the order in which tables are specified in the statement being EXPLAINed.

Answer: A

Q2. Which of the following best describe the general steps involved in normalization? 

A. Change the character set of the tables to normalize.

B. Remove repeating groups within rows. 

C. Remove duplicate data within columns 

Answer: BC

Q3. Which of the following best describes what MASTER_LOG_FILE and MASTER_LOG_POS provides?

A. The path of the log file. 

B. The file to log replication actions to. 

C. The masters binary log name used for replication. 

D. The position in the masters binary log in which to start replication.

Answer: CD

Q4. Which of the following best describes the meaning of the values in the ref columns?

A. City.CountryCode is used to sort what rows are returned from the City table. 

B. No Indexed columns are used to choose rows from City and the City.CountryCode column is used to reference rows in the Country table. 

C. No index columns are used to choose rows from Country and the City.CountryCode column is used to reference rows in the city table.

Answer: B

Q5. Which of the following statements are true regarding the structure of grant tables in new distributions? 

A. They change with every upgrade.

B. They are often changed.

C. They remain the same for backwards compatibility. 

Answer: B

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Q6. Which of the following are reasons to be selective when granting the FILE privilege to accounts? 

A. It could be used to execute scripts on the server host. 

B. It could be used to read files on the filesystem of the server host. 

C. It could be used to write files to the filesystem of the server host.

Answer: BC

Q7. What will the effect of executing the following statement? 

REVOKE AU_ PRMLEGES FROM 'web'@'localhost'

A. The account 'web'@'Localhost' will have all privileges removed, and the account deleted from the server.

B. The account 'web'@'Localhost' will no longer be usable for login, but since there is no ON clause, privileges are retained for re-enabling the account at a later time.

C. The account 'web'@'Localhost' will lose all privileges except for USAGE.

D. Nothing. A REVOKE statment without an ON clause is invalid.

Answer: C

Q8. What benefits do you get after compressing a MyISAM table? 

A. The files on disk consume less space.

B. Retrieving rows usually becomes faster. 

C. The index information will be kept fully in memory, which results in faster performance when using WHERE clauses. 

D. Using COUNT(*) is faster since the number of rows is constant

Answer: AB

Q9. When choosing hardware for your MySQL server, is memory important to MySQL and why? 

A. No, because MySQL makes use of virtual memory on disks.

B. No, because MySQL makes more use of disks and processors than memory.

C. Yes, because more memory allows for less swapping by the operating system.

D. Yes, because more memory allows for larger buffers improving caching and reducing disk usage. 

Answer: CD

Q10. Is the following statement true or false? 

The username you use to connect to MySQL must be the same as the login used to access the operating system.

A. true

B. false

Answer: B

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