How to pass SUN 310-811 Real Exam in 24 Hours [simulations 91-97]

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2021 Aug 310-811 simulations

Q91. What is the effect or using WITH GRANT OPTION when executing the following statement? 

A. Nothing; WITH GRANT OPTION is not a valid clause In GRANT commands. 

B. The account ‘joe’@’’ may grant SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE privileges on tables in the world database to other users 

C. The account ‘joe’@’’ may grant any type or privileges on tables in the world database to other users. 

D. The account ‘joe’@’’ becomes an administrator account 

Answer: B

Q92. When should you enable the Query Cache? 

A. A lot of repeating and identical SELECT queries are received by the server. 

B. The underlying tables don't change very often. 

C. The server machine has more than one CPU. 

D. The server machine has more than one network interface.

Answer: AB

Q93. Which of the following best describe some possible benefits of using RAID?

A. Better user-level security.

B. Data redundancy.

C. Read performance gains.

D. Write performance gains.

E. Hot-swappable disk drives.

F. Better memory and processor utilization.

Answer: BCDE

310-811 latest exam

Abreast of the times 310-811 exam:

Q94. Which of the following best describes the meaning of the value for the key_len column? 

A. It shows how big the indexes are. 

B. It shows how many columns are examined. 

C. It shows how many results will be returned. 

D. It shows how many bytes will be used from index rows.

Answer: D

Q95. Which of the following correctly describe the purpose of the sort buffer, and when it is set? 

A. The size of the sort buffer is set per-connection 

B. The sort buffer is global and the size can only be set by restarting the server 

C. The sort buffer is used to control the maximum number of sorts the server can perform simultaneously.

D. The sort buffer in used for operations such as ORDER BY or GROUP BY which can speed up sorting operations.

Answer: AD

Q96. Which of the following statements are true? 

A. A MERGE table cannot be used with compressed tables. 

B. A MERGE table may span across compressed and uncompressed tables. 

C. A MERGE table can only be a collection of either compressed or uncompressed tables.

Answer: B

Q97. Granting access to the mysql database...

A. Should never be done for any users. 

B. Should always be done for all users. 

C. Should only be done on administrator accounts. 

D. Should be done for anyone needing to create views

Answer: C

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