Tips to Pass 101 Exam (91 to 100)

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2021 Aug 101 actual exam

Q91. Assume the bigd daemon fails on the active system. Which three are possible results? (Choose three.) 

A. The active system will restart the bigd daemon and continue in active mode. 

B. The active system will restart the tmm daemon and continue in active mode. 

C. The active system will reboot and the standby system will go into active mode. 

D. The active system will fail-over and the standby system will go into active mode. 

E. The active system will continue in active mode but gather member and node state information from thestandby system. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q92. When probing LDNSs, which protocol is used by default? 





Answer: B 

Q93. Why would an administrator capture monitor traffic between a BIG-IP and servers? 

A. Viewing monitor traffic could help the administrator to define a more robust monitor. 

B. If a client were having difficulty logging into a load-balanced SSH server, viewing and analyzing theconnection process would determine the reason. 

C. Only client traffic may be captured; monitor traffic may not be captured. 

D. If client traffic to servers was failing, viewing and analyzing monitor traffic would determine the reason. 

Answer: A 

Q94. Where is persistence mirroring configured? 

A. It is always enabled. 

B. It is part of a pool definition. 

C. It is part of a profile definition. 

D. It is part of a virtual server definition. 

Answer: C 

Q95. The BIG-IP ASM System sets two types of cookies to enforce elements in the securitypolicy. The two types are main and frame cookies. What is the purpose of the frame cookie?(Choose 2) 

A. Validates domain cookies 

B. Detects session expiration 

C. Stores dynamic parameters and values 

D. Handles dynamic parameter names and flow extractions 

Answer: C,D 

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Q96. In the following configuration, a virtual server has the following HTTP class configuration: 

HTTP Class 1 = Host pattern HTTP Class 2 = No filters A request arriving for WWW.F5.COM will be matched by which class(es)? 

A. Class 1 

B. Class 2 

C. Both Class 1 and Class 2 

D. The request will be dropped 

Answer: B 

Q97. By default, how frequently are log files rotated? 

A. hourly 

B. daily 

C. weekly 

D. There is no default; the administrator sets the frequency. 

Answer: B 

Q98. Which of the following methods of protection is not available within the Protocol SecurityManager for FTP protection? 

A. Session timeout 

B. Command length 

C. Allowed commands 

D. Anonymous FTP restriction 

Answer: A 

Q99. Where is connection mirroring configured? 

A. It an option within a TCP profile. 

B. It is an optional feature of each pool. 

C. It is not configured; it is default behavior. 

D. It is an optional feature of each virtual server. 

Answer: D 

Q100. Which three must be done so that Generic Host Servers can be monitored using SNMP?(Choose three.) 

A. The SNMP monitor must be added to all BIG-IP Systems. 

B. The Generic Host Server must be running the big3d agent. 

C. The GTM System must be configured for the appropriate MIB . 

D. The Generic Host Server must be added to the GTM Configuration. 

E. The Generic Host Server must be enabled to answer SNMP queries. 

Answer: C,D,E 

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