How to pass Avaya 3101 Real Exam in 24 Hours [test question 31-40]

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2021 Jul 3101 testing engine

Q31. A user is a new employee of ABC Co. and their manager supplies them with 9600 desktop IP telephone and login information and tells the user to plug the cord into the jack near their desk. The user plugs in the telephone, lifts the handset, but there is no dial tone and call cannot be made. 

What should the user do? (Choose two) 

A. Unplug the telephone and plug it back again. 

B. returns the telephone because it is defective 

C. Wait for the prompt for the extension number and password 

D. Plug the telephone into another jack. 

Answer: AC 

Q32. You periodically run traffic measurement reports to monitor system performance. From the Administration/Messaging web interface Server reports menu, you select the following traffic measurements requirements: 

Type: Feature 

Cycle: Hourly 

Start Date: March 1 2011 Hour 8 

If today is March 3 2011, what information would you expect the report to return? 

A. All features traffic information for March at 8 hour intervals 

B. Messaging features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8 

C. Answer features traffic information for the month of March 

D. All features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8 

Answer: D 

Q33. Which administrable Quality of Service (QoS) parameter can minimize packet delay, and thus improve voice quality? 


B. DiffServ 



Answer: B 

Q34. You have activated Outcalllng but it Is sometimes delayed when sending out the notifications. All the outcalling defaults will improve the situation? 

Which option will improve this situation? 

A. Turn outcalling off and then on again. 

B. Restart messaging. 

C. Increase the maximum simultaneous ports and used for outcalling 

D. Change the outcalling start and end times. 

Answer: C 

Q35. Avaya Aura Communication Manager Maintenance Objects (MOs) have a distinctive, all-capitalized syntax, for example CO-TRK. 

What kind of on-board alarms do maintenance Objects that begin with “MG” such as MG-BRI, MG-DSI, and MG-VOIP indicate? 

A. Application layer 

B. physical layer 

C. virtual Layer 

D. Transport layer 

Answer: B 

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Abreast of the times 3101 free question:

Q36. The main server has failed and several G650 gateways have reconnected to alternate servers. What mechanism controls G650 failover? 

A. H.248 Link Bounce timer 

B. H.323 Link Bounce timer 

C. IPSI priority list administered on the LSP 

D. IPSI priority list administered on the ESS 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Reference Page 45 Avaya Aura. Communication Manager Survivability Options 

Q37. You are performing an update of Communication Manager Messaging (CMM). 

How do you update the Communication Manager Messaging software beginning in release 6.0.1? 

A. Download the current Service Pack from or and apply it via 

B. System Platform Console Domain under Server Management > Patch Management 

C. Choose the latest update file from the list of updates, available on the Communication Manager server hard drive and double-click to Install. 

D. Download the current Service Pack from or and apply it the System Management Interface 

E. Download the current Remote field Updates from and apply it via the system Management Interface. 

Answer: B 

Q38. Avaya Communication Manager uses the International Telephone union’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) Recommendations for Voice over IP (VoIP) 

Which two ITU-T protocols suites does Communication Manager use? (Choose two) 


B. H.323 

C. MP4 


E. H.248 

Answer: BE 

Q39. Exhibit displays a list trace report on a station. 


What are the Dl and D2 values for the denial events in the list trace report? 

A. Hexadecimal destination codes that are listed In the Denial Event documentation 

B. Hexadecimal data that must be converted to binary then interpreted In the Denial events document 

C. Binary destination codes that are listed in the Denial Events documentation 

D. Binary data listed in the Communication Manager Denial Events 

Answer: B 

Q40. A subscriber is locked out of messaging system after three unsuccessful login attempts. The administrator needs to unlock the subscriber’s mailbox. 

Which basic parameter from the Messaging/Administration> Subscriber management > Manager > Manage > menu should the administration edit to unlock the subscriber’s mailbox? 

A. Basic Information> Locked? =yes 

B. Basic Information> Locked? = no 

C. Basic Information > password 

D. Custom COS Permissions> Trusted Server Access = Yes 

E. Custom COS Permissions> trusted Server Access = no 

Answer: A 

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