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Q411. You notice that a job in a chain has not completed on a nonconstrained RAC database. Which of these are valid reasons why that might occur?

A. The job priority is 1 and the resource consumer group CPU emphasis allocation is a low percentage.

B. The job affinity is to a service and one node in that service is unavailable.

C. The job affinity is to an instance and that instance is unavailable.

D. There is no service affinity.

E. None of the above.

Answer: C

Q412. Consider the following code snippet:



name => `lne_job1',

attribute => `job_priority',

value => 1);



If this code were executed, which of the following statements would be true?

A. The priority of the lne_job1 job would be set to 1.

B. The lne_job1 job would be executed synchronously.

C. The lne_job1 job would run immediately in the user's current session.

D. The lne_job1 job would retain its current priority.

E. The job will immediately take priority over all running jobs.

Answer: A

Q413. You notice that a long-running transaction is suspended due to a space constraint, and there is no AFTER SUSPEND triggered event addressing the issue. You also note that the critical transaction is just about to reach the RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT value. Which of these actions is appropriate?

A. Abort the session, fix the space problem, then resubmit the transaction.

B. Use the DBMS_RESUMABLE.SET_SESSION_TIMEOUT procedure to extend the time-out for the session while you fix the problem.

C. Do nothing, let the transaction fail, then fix the problem.

D. Use Segment Shrink to clean up the table.

E. Use the DBMS_RESUMABLE.SET_TIMEOUT procedure to extend the time-out for the session while you fix the problem.

Answer: B

Q414. True or false: you can perform an active database duplication when the database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Q415. What is the impact of the results of the output of the following command?

RMAN> report unrecoverable database;

Report of files that need backup due to unrecoverable operations

File Type of Backup Required Name

---- ----------------------- -----------------------------------

4 full or incremental C:ORACLEORADATAORCLUSERS01.DBF

A. There are no backup sets with any backups of the users01.dbf datafile.

B. The users01.dbf datafile has had unrecoverable operations occur in it. It will need to be backed up or some data loss is possible during a recovery.

C. The users01.dbf datafile is corrupted.

D. The users01.dbf datafile backup exceeds the retention criteria.

E. The last backup of the users01.dbf datafile failed and must be rerun.

Answer: D

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Q416. You executed the following commands in a database session:

What could have caused the recycle bin to clean up?

A. There is demand for space from the new table

B. The undo tablespace does not have sufficient free space

C. The new table name is the same as the table name in the recycle bin

D. The temporary tablespace that is assigned to you does not have sufficient free space

Answer: A

Q417. You issued the following command on the temporary tablespace LMTEMP in your database:


Which requirement must be fulfilled for this command to succeed?

A. The tablespace must be locally managed.

B. The tablespace must have only one temp file.

C. The tablespace must be made nondefault and offline.

D. The tablespace can remain as the default but must have no active sort operations.

Answer: A

Q418. Which tasks can be accomplished using the DBMS_LOB. SETOPTIONS procedure?

A. only encryption and compression settings for all SecureFile LOBs

B. only encryption and deduplication settings for only SecureFile CLOBs

C. deduplication, encryption, and compression settings for all SecureFile LOBs

D. deduplication, encryption, and compression settings only for SecureFile CLOBs

Answer: C

Q419. Which of the following Oracle features is enabled by setting a nonzero value for the MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter?

A. Automatic PGA Memory Management

B. Automatic SGA Memory Management

C. Automatic Shared Memory Management

D. Automatic Memory Management

E. Manual SGA Memory Management

F. None of the above

Answer: D

Q420. Which dependent object will get invalidated even if it is not affected by the table edefinition?

A. packages

B. triggers

C. synonyms

D. views

Answer: B

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