Aug 2021 updated: Examcollection Avaya 3108 exam answers 31-40

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2021 Aug 3108 exam question

Q31. What is the minimum number of ports that needs to be opened in the firewall to enable connectivity through the PathFinder server? 

A. 1 

B. 3 

C. 7 

D. 1000 

Answer: B 

Q32. Through which operation can you create new meeting types for Scopia Management? 

A. Manually create a new meeting type through Scopia Management. 

B. Scopia Management has a fixed list of meeting types and they cannot be changed at all. 

C. Set new meeting types on the MCU. 

D. Download new meeting types from one of the configured MCUs. 

Answer: A 

Q33. When using the XT Executive 240, in which three ways can you configure and control it? (Choose three.) 

A. Use the endpoint remote control 

B. Use the mouse and keyboard 

C. Use the endpoint web interface 

D. Use Scopia Desktop Client 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q34. The Scopia Management system can forward alarms to which two of the following? (Choose two.) 

A. an email recipient 

B. an FTP server 

C. a web monitoring system 

D. an SNMP trap server 

Answer: A,D 

Q35. What can you use to control the Scopia XT Telepresence system? 

A. You can use the XT remote control for basic functions. 

B. You can only use Scopia Control. 

C. You can use both the XT remote control and Scopia Control. 

D. You can use the XT remote control for all functions. 

Answer: B 

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Q36. A technician would like to upgrade a PathFinder. 

Where must the upgrade software be located to proceed with the update? 

A. on a TFTP server 

B. on a PC that is attached to the MCU with a serial cable 

C. on a PC with Putty emulator software attached to the MCU with a serial cable 

D. in the updates directory 

Answer: A 

Reference: 70) 

Q37. Which two XT endpoints support Dual-Video resolution of 1080p60fps? (Choose two.) 

A. XT1200 

B. XT4200 

C. XT5000 

D. XT Executive 240 

Answer: A,C 

Reference: _models 

Q38. Scopia and Avaya Aura Conferencing have been set up to interoperate. Between which components do the audio and video streams pass? 

A. Avaya Aura Conferencing and the Elite MCU 

B. The Audio and video endpoints 

C. Scopia Management and Session Manager 

D. Scopia Management and System Manager 

Answer: A 

Q39. A user would like to perform only scheduling and management of conferences in a default installation of Scopia Management. 

To where would they point their browser? 

A. http://<IP of Scopia Management> 

B. http://<IP of of Scopia Management>:80 

C. http://<IP of of Scopia Management>:8080/iview 

D. http://<IP of of Scopia Management>:8080 

Answer: B 

Q40. What is the default port used by the PathFinder client to register to the Pathfinder server? 

A. 443 

B. 3089 

C. 8080 

D. 8443 

Answer: B 

Reference:, first bulleted point) 

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