C2040-402 bootcamp(1 to 10) for candidates: Aug 2021 Edition

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Q1. Which of the following statements best describes IBM Connections Mail? 

A. The HTTP server must be disabled on the mail servers as Connections Mail is not the Web provider for the email service. 

B. It doesn't require an external mail server since it has its own mail routing mechanism. 

C. It cannot be used with IBM Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange clusters. 

D. When sending and receiving files in Connections Mail,an administrator can use traditional attachments,or he can use Connections Files toshare the files. 

Answer: D 

Q2. John is having issues with new users not being able to use the Blogs application. He thinks that there are issues synching these users with the Blogs database. Which of the following should John look into in order to troubleshoot his issue? 

A. IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator 

B. The Sync Service 

C. The Profiles Worker 

D. The Blogs Sync Worker 

Answer: C 

Q3. In which two applications does IBM Connections Search have the ability to index attached files? (Select two.) 

A. Activities 

B. Files 

C. Communities 

D. Wikis 

E. Forums 

Answer: B,D 

Q4. To edit a configuration file, the wsadmin client is referenced from which directory? 

A. AppServer 

B. bin 

C. Dmgr01 

D. profiles 

Answer: B 

Q5. What file must be edited to specify a custom ID attribute for users or groups? 

A. security-config.xml 

B. LotusCustom-config.xml 

C. profiles-config.xml 

D. LotusConnections-config.xml 

Answer: D 

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Q6. In order to force applications to reload override files every time a browser request is made when testing IBM Connections customizations, an administrator should enable which of the following in the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console? 

A. browser viewer refresh 

B. file download enforcement 

C. customization debugging 

D. application update renewal 

Answer: C 

Q7. Which entity must be configured for access to IBM Connections Metrics? 

A. wsadmin 

B. Trusted Servers 

C. Metrics Administrators 

D. Cognos Administrators 

Answer: C 

Q8. Michael is creating his IBM Connections databases using the provided scripts for IBM DB2. However, whenever he attempts to execute any of the createDb.sql scripts he gets the following exception: "SQLCODE: -551, SQLSTATE: 42501, DOES NOT HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO PERFORM OPERATION ON OBJECT". Which of the following best explains the reason Michael is seeing this issue? 

A. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically the one to ensure that the owner ID has privileges to createdatabases,tablespaces,tables,and indexes prior to executingthe scripts. 

B. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically the one to issue the db2start command prior to executing thescripts. 

C. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically to copy the db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_cu.jar files prior toexecuting the scripts. 

D. He failed to follow all the steps required to create databases manually,specifically to execute the appGrants.sql script prior to running thecreateDb.sql script. 

Answer: A 

Q9. Which statement is true when planning to install IBM Connections 4.0 Mail? 

A. Connections 4.0 Mail only supports IBM Lotus Domino mail and Microsoft Exchange. Other mail systems are not supported. 

B. Connections 4.0 Mail provides a framework for supporting other mail systems,even though Lotus Domino mail and Exchange are the only mailsystems documented. 

C. For Exchange mail servers,both Connections servers and Exchange must be configured to authenticate only against the same Exchangeserver as Microsoft Active Directory LDAP. 

D. For Lotus Domino mail servers,both Connections and Lotus Domino servers must be configured to authenticate only against the Lotus Dominoserver LDAP. 

Answer: A 

Q10. Cary is currently working on multiple UI changes to his IBM Connections 4.0 environment and some changes are not being picked up by his browser immediately. Which of the following tasks is the best method to properly see the changes right after being saved on the server? 

A. IBM WebSphere Application Server must be restarted in order to show the latest changes 

B. Check out the Connections configuration file and run LCConfigService.updateConfig("versionStamp","-1") in order to force the reload of newweb elements. 

C. Modify the server configuration by editing the LotusConnections-config.xml and add the tag <diablecache>true</diablecache> at the end of thefile. 

D. Using the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console,add a new variable called CONNECTIONS_CUSTOMIZATION_DEBUG and set thevalue to true under Environment>WebSphere Variables. 

Answer: D 

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