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2021 Jan 312-50v8 questions:

Q21. Which of the following is NOT part of CEH Scanning Methodology? 

A. Check for Live systems 

B. Check for Open Ports C. Banner Grabbing 

D. Prepare Proxies 

E. Social Engineering attacks 

F. Scan for Vulnerabilities 

G. Draw Network Diagrams 


Q22. Pentest results.indicate that voice over IP traffic is traversing a network..Which of the following tools will decode a packet capture and extract the voice conversations? 

A. Cain 

B. John the Ripper 

C. Nikto 

D. Hping 


Q23. All the web servers in the DMZ respond to ACK scan on port 80. Why is this happening ? 

A. They are all Windows based webserver 

B. They are all Unix based webserver 

C. The company is not using IDS 

D. The company is not using a stateful firewall 


Q24. Exhibit: Given the following extract from the snort log on a honeypot, what service is being exploited? : 



C. Telnet 



Q25. When using Wireshark to acquire packet capture on a network, which device would enable the capture of all traffic on the wire? 

A. Network tap 

B. Layer 3 switch 

C. Network bridge 

D. Application firewall 


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Q26. You have just received an assignment for an assessment at a company site. Company's management is concerned about external threat and wants to take appropriate steps to insure security is in place. Anyway the management is also worried about possible threats coming from inside the site, specifically from employees belonging to different Departments. What kind of assessment will you be performing ? 

A. Black box testing 

B. Black hat testing 

C. Gray box testing 

D. Gray hat testing 

E. White box testing 

F. White hat testing 


Q27. SYN Flood is a DOS attack in which an attacker deliberately violates the three-way handshake and opens a large number of half-open TCP connections. The signature of attack for SYN Flood contains: 

A. The source and destination address having the same value 

B. A large number of SYN packets appearing on a network without the corresponding reply packets 

C. The source and destination port numbers having the same value 

D. A large number of SYN packets appearing on a network with the corresponding reply packets 


Q28. What is the name of the international standard that establishes a baseline level of confidence in the security functionality of IT products by providing a set of requirements for evaluation? 

A. Blue Book 

B. ISO 26029 

C. Common Criteria 

D. The Wassenaar Agreement 


Q29. A company has.five different subnets:,,, and How can.NMAP be used.to scan these adjacent Class C networks? 

A. NMAP.-P 192.168.1-5. 


C. NMAP.-P,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0 

D. NMAP.-P 192.168.1/17 


Q30. Which tool is used to automate SQL injections and exploit a database by forcing a given 

web application to connect to another database controlled by a hacker? 

A. DataThief 

B. NetCat 

C. Cain and Abel 

D. SQLInjector 


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