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2021 Sep 201-400:

Q61. Refer to the exhibit. 

Why is RC unable to receive prefix 

A. On RB. neighbor send-community is not configured. 

B. On RA, ip bgp-community new-format is not configured. 

C. On RB. neighbor send-community is not configured. 

D. On RA, neighbor send-community is not configured. 

E. On RC. ip bgp-community new-format is not configured. 

F. On RB, ip bgp-community new-format is not configured 

G. On RB. neighbor next-hop-self is not configured. 

Answer: A 

Q62. Which QoS DiffServ mode preserves the original customer IP marking besides of on egress PE router uses the DSCP value of this IP packet on outbound queuing? 

A. MPLS PHB mode 

B. Pipe mode 

C. IntServ mode 

D. Uniform mode 

E. Short-Pipe mode 

Answer: E 

Q63. Refer to the exhibit. A web server is connected to a switch via two Gigabit Ethernet links. These two links are bundled into a single logical link that provides the aggregate bandwidth of 2 Gbps. The support engineer notices that traffic from the Internet to the web server uses both Gigabit Ethernet links. However, traffic from the web server to the Internet uses only one link. 

Which CLI command on the exhibit causes this behavior? 

A. lacp port-priority 32768 in interface configuration mode 

B. channel-group 5 mode passive 

C. lacp port-priority 32768 in global configuration mode 

D. port-channel load-balance dst-mac 

Answer: D 

Q64. Refer to exhibit. NAT64 stateless configuration has been applied on RT1 router. The NAT64 prefix stateless used on this scenario is 2001:DB8:2::/96. ‘Host IPv4 only’ needs to test the connectivity with ‘Host IPv6 only’ using a ping command. Which is the correct ping command ‘Host IPv4 only’ should use? 

A. ping 

B. ping source 2001:db8:2::7001:10A 

C. ping 2001:db8:2::7001:10A 

D. ping 2001:db8:2:: 

E. ping 2001:db8:2:: 

F. ping 2001:db8:2::1B01:10A 

Answer: A 

Q65. Cisco IOS XR has implemented a nonstop routing feature so that when RP failover occurs, the routing information can be recovered locally. Which protocol does not support the NSR feature? 






Answer: E 

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Q66. Refer to the exhibit. 

ISP-X customers must be able to reach both ISP-Y and ISP-Z, but ISP-X must not allow transit traffic between ISP-Y and ISP-Z at any time Which two options satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Use the MED to prefer the proper routes 

B. Use communities to identify and filter routes. 

C. Use local preference to prefer the routes 

D. Use a route map to filter routes on the AS number. 

E. Use the atomic aggregate attribute 

Answer: B,D 

Q67. An engineer is troubleshooting Precision Time Protocol on Cisco ASR 9000 router and noticed the protocol is running in a Multicast mode. Which two results regarding the messages can the engineer expect? (Choose two) 

A. IPTP messages that use unicast messages and those that use multicast messages must be specified. 

B. Announce and Sync messages are sent as multicast messages. 

C. Signaling. Delay-Request and Delay-Response messages are sent as multicast messages 

D. All messages for PTP will be sent as multicast messages 

E. Announce and Sync messages are sent as unicast messages 

F. Signaling, Delay-Request, and Delay-Response messages are sent as unicast messages 

Answer: B,F 

Q68. Which OSPF feature allows the router to recompute SPF changes for only the affected part of the SPT? 


B. fast hellos 

C. BFD across the entire backbone area 

D. incremental SPF 

Answer: D 

Q69. Refer to the exhibit: 

A regional operations center recently set up a MPLS Inter-AS Option B solution for two service providers There is no intercommunication between CE1 and CE2 sites yet While troubleshooting this issue on the ASBR1 router, the operations engineer sees the following log: 

BGP(4): rcvd 100:101:, label 136 -- DENIED due to: extended community not supported; What does this log mean? 

A. The route-target value does not match the one in the local VRF 

B. The community that was applied on ASBR does not match the local policies 

C. The bgp default route-target filter command is missing on both inter-AS ASBRs 

D. The BGP command retain route-target all is missing 

Answer: D 

Q70. Refer to the exhibit. 

Why does R1 not receive a label for prefix? 

A. R1 does not have an established LDP neighborship with the router announcing the prefix. 

B. The prefix is being null-routed in the downstream neighbor 

C. LDP peer is not configured to advertise a label for the prefix 

D. BGP is not configured to exchange labels with the BGP peer advertising 10.0.0 3/32 prefix 

Answer: D 

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