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2021 Jun ht 254-500:

Q11. What are the three default Cisco ISE identity user groups? (Choose three.) 

A. employee 

B. contractor 

C. activated guest 

D. guest 

E. sponsor 

Answer: ACD 

Q12. Which option represents the default action or actions that ISE 1.x 1.0 takes when the endpoint usage count exceeds licensed endpoint values? 

A. block all traffic 

B. block all traffic, and generate alarms 

C. do not block traffic, and generate an INFO, WARNING, or CRITICAL alarm 

D. do not take any action 

Answer: C

Q13. Which Authentication Policy option should be selected for MAB rule to support Central Web Auth? 

A. Accept 

B. Reject 

C. Continue 

D. Drop 

Answer: C 

Q14. Which URL should you enter into the SCEP Certificate Authority profile to enable Native Supplicant Provisioning? 

A. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/mscep/mscep.dll 

B. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/mscep/scep.dll 

C. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/certsrv/scep/scep.dll 

D. http:/[ise-server-name/IP]/certsrv/mscep/mscep.dll 

Answer: D 

Q15. Where is the license installed within Cisco ISE deployment? 

A. A license is installed on the Policy Service node within ISE deployment. 

B. A license is installed on the primary or secondary Administration node within ISE deployment. 

C. A license is installed only on the primary Administration node within ISE deployment. 

D. A license is preinstalled for ISE deployment. 

Answer: C 

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Updated 500-254 actual test:

Q16. Which three of these are viable endpoint posture compliance statuses? (Choose three.) 

A. unknown 

B. infected 

C. clean 

D. compliant 

E. noncompliant 

F. quarantine 

Answer: ADE 

Q17. Refer to the exhibit. 

A. Only user identity groups can be created in Cisco ISE. 

B. User identity groups can reference internal and external stores. 

C. The Whitelist identity group that is shown in the exhibit can be used to contain MAC addresses that are statically entered into Cisco ISE. 

D. The Whitelist identity group is one of the predefined identity groups in Cisco ISE. 

E. Identity groups can only reference internal endpoints and users in the local database. 

Answer: BC 

Q18. Which three features require accurate time? (Choose three.) 

A. EAP-TLS-based authentication 

B. EAP-MS-CHAPv2-based authentication 

C. accurate posture assessment results 

D. Active Directory integration 

E. consistent profiling data collection 

F. accurate and reliable logging 

Answer: ADF

Q19. Which element is not included in the redirect URL? 

A. hostname 

B. port 


D. session ID 

E. action 

Answer: C 

Q20. The default Cisco ISE node configuration has which role or roles enabled by default? 

A. Administration only 

B. Inline Posture only 

C. Administration and Policy Service 

D. Policy Service, Monitoring, and Administration 

Answer: D 

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