Tips to Pass 117-102 Exam (151 to 160)

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2021 Jun 117-102 exam topics

Q151. The following output shows an excerpt from a standard network configuration file:

time 37/udp timeserver

rlp 39/udp

name 42/udp nameserver

whois 43/tcp nickname

Which file could this be from?

A. /etc/hosts

B. /etc/inetd.conf

C. /etc/named.conf

D. /etc/services

E. /etc/syslog.conf

Answer: D

Q152. For xinetd service definition, which config option will disable the service?

A. disable

Answer: A

Q153. Which of the following could be used to load kernel modules for a 2.4.x kernel?

A. vi/proc/modules

B. rmmod

C. kmod

D. depmod

Answer: C

Q154. Which file is responsible for configuring the inet daemon?

A. /etc/inetd.conf

B. /etc/xinetd.conf

C. /etc/tcpd.conf

D. /etc/inet.conf

Answer: A

Q155. You want to make sure all Bash users, when they login, get access to a new program in /opt/bin (not currently in their PATH). 

To ensure this you would put the command


in what file?

A. /etc/profile

Answer: A

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Most recent 117-102 exam topics:

Q156. Suppose that the command netstat -a hangs for a long time without producing output. You might suspect:

A. a problem with NFS

B. a problem with DNS

C. a problem with NIS

D. a problem with routing

E. that the netstat daemon has crashed

Answer: B

Q157. In an xinetd config file, which attribute specifies the network ad dress that will be used to offer the service?

A. bind

Answer: A

Q158. Man pages cover what topics? (Select THREE)

A. superuser commands

B. configuration commands

C. system policies

D. programming libraries

E. kernel version information

Answer: ABD

Q159. You can run the ________ command to see active network and UNIX domain socket connection.

A. netstat

Answer: A

Q160. You have generated a DSA authentication key on host linux1. In order to log into host linux2 with the new key, what do you need to do?

A. Copy the new authentication key into /etc/ssh/sshd_config on linux2.

B. Copy the new authentication key into $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys on linux2.

C. Copy the new authentication key into $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa on linux2.

D. Copy the new authentication key into $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa on linux1.

E. Log into linux2 using the command ssh --key.

Answer: D

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