Top 10 ebook ICGB for candidates (81 to 90)

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2021 Jun ICGB test preparation

Q81. The following Business Case is constructed properly. 

“In business unit A there are too many flashlight returns and flashlight sales have decreased by 25 percent.” 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: B 

Q82. The ____________ is important because it provides an estimate of the probability of an event occurring depending on the Standard Deviation from the Mean. 

A. Shewhart Principle 

B. Pareto Rule 

C. Mean/Mode Spread 

D. Empirical Rule 

Answer: D 

Q83. The generation of a Regression Equation is justified when we _____________. (Note: There are 4 correct answers). 

A. Expect the relationship to be Linear between the output and inputs 

B. Know that there is a non-linear relationship between output and input(s) 

C. Need to understand how to control a process output by controlling the input(s) 

D. Experience several process defects and have no other way to fix hem 

E. When it is very expensive or too late to measure the output 

Answer: ACDE 

Q84. As a type of measurement error, Linearity describes a change in accuracy through the expected operating range of the measurement instrument. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A 

Q85. Inferential Statistics is largely about Significance. There are both Practical and _______________ Significance to consider during an analysis of data in a Lean Six Sigma project. 

A. Problematic 

B. Impractical 

C. Usable 

D. Statistical 

Answer: D 

ICGB sample question

Renew ICGB practice test:

Q86. Multiple Linear Regressions (MLR) is best used when which of these are applicable? (Note: There are 3 correct answers). 

A. Non-linear relationships between the inputs X’s and output Y 

B. Uncertainty in the slope of the linear relationship between an X and a Y 

C. Relationships between Y (output) and more than one X (Input) 

D. Preventing the use of a Designed Experiment if unnecessary 

E. We assume that the X’s are independent of each other 

Answer: CDE 

Q87. Skewed, or Mixed, Distributions occur when data comes from several sources that are supposed to be the same yet are not. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A 

Q88. A Belt gathered the following defect data for a shoe production line and wanted to assemble it into a Pareto Chart. The correct order from left to right in the chart would be: 

Data: Cutting38 Forming17 Stitching56 Sealing42 

A. Forming, Sealing, Cutting, Stitching 

B. Sealing, Stitching, Forming, Cutting 

C. Stitching, Sealing, Cutting, Forming 

D. Forming, Cutting, Sealing, Stitching 

Answer: C 

Q89. Process Capability is a function of which of these? 

A. Customer requirements 

B. Process performance 

C. Output over time 

D. All of these answers are correct 

Answer: D 

Q90. The Mann-Whitney Test is used to test if the Means for two samples are different. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: B 

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