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2021 May C2010-571 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. When creating a labor record, the administrator has the option to set the labor shift. The shift information is used in the Assignment Manager application when assigning work orders to this labor record. Where is a shift created? 

A. Labor application 

B. Shifts application 

C. People application 

D. Calendars application 

Answer: D 

Q42. Which data element is required to be defined and activated to facilitate polling of the system when updating a Start Center's KPI portlet? 

A. Workflow 

B. Cron Task 

C. Properties 

D. Escalation 

Answer: B 

Q43. Which statement about the Application Server security configuration is correct? 

A. User passwords are held in the maxuser table. 

B. Users are completely authenticated by the Tivoli process automation engine (Tpae). 

C. Application Server security is one of two options to manage Tpae authentication. 

D. Users and groups must be imported using the Idapsync or vmmsync cron tasks when Application Server security is enabled. 

Answer: C 

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Up to the immediate present C2010-571 actual test:

Q44. A company has a requirement to create an outbound interface to their external procurement application. Once their external procurement application is able to expose a Web service, what are two ways this interface can be created? (Choose two.) 

A. Create and deploy a new Web service in the Web Services Library application 

B. Create an object structure, publish channel, endpoint, and external system to invoke the external Web service 

C. Create a new interaction based on the external Web service WSDL to send data to the procurement application 

D. Create an object structure, enterprise service, endpoint. and external system to invoke the external procurement application 

E. Create an object structure, enterprise service, and external system and deploy the Web service from the Web Services Library application 

Answer: B,C 

Q45. Which statement is true about asynchronous data validation? 

A. Data in a field is immediately validated when a user moves off of the field. 

B. Background validation is required to be active when a screen reader is being used. 

C. To be used, asynchronous data validation must be enabled for all fields of an application. 

D. To enable asynchronous data validation for all applications, add the statement ASYNCHRONOUS = ‘Y’ to the PRESENTATIONXML file. 

Answer: A 

Q46. A record must be defined at which level in order for it to be available for each user in any organization? 





Answer: C 

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Breathing C2010-571 tutorials:

Q47. Where are the conditions for the Conditional user interface functionality defined? 

A. In the System Properties application 

B. In the Application Designer application 

C. In the Database Configuration application 

D. In the Conditional user interface application 

Answer: B 

Q48. Which two fields in the Classifications application construct Classification hierarchies? (Choose two.) 

A. Children 

B. Use With 

C. Attributes 

D. Classification Path 

E. Classification Parent 

Answer: A,E 

Q49. If a user wants to create a Migration Manager package that will either add or change the data in a destination environment, the Migration Manager package processing action must be set to what? 

A. Add 

B. Modify 

C. Change 

D. Add Change 

Answer: D 

Q50. A PDF needs to be added to Tivoli process automation engine. Where can this be done? 

A. Manage Files Select Action from the application that allows attached documents 

B. Manage Library Select Action from the application that allows attached documents 

C. Manage Folders Select Action from the application that allows attached documents 

D. Manage Documents Select Action from the application that allows attached documents 

Answer: B 

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