How to pass IBM C2090-610 Real Exam in 24 Hours [actual test 81-90]

Exam Code: C2090-610 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: DB2 10.1 Fundamentals
Certification Provider: IBM
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2021 May C2090-610 Study Guide Questions:

Q81. The WITH CHECK OPTION clause of the CREATE VIEW statement allows you to do which of the following? 

A. Define a view on one or more tables or views. 

B. Revalidate all invalid objects that are referenced on a view's fullselect. 

C. Ensure that any inserted or updated rows conform to the definition of the view. 

D. Define a view that only consists of columns that have check constraints defined. 

Answer: C 


Q82. Which database object provides an alternative way of describing data that exists in one or more base tables? 

A. Alias 

B. View 

C. Index 

D. Sequence 

Answer: B 


Q83. Which statement about INSERT operations is true? 

A. The INSERT statement is used to insert rows into a table, view, or table function. 

B. Inserted values must satisfy the conditions of any check constraints defined on the table. 

C. If an INSERT statement omits any column from the inserted row that is defined as NULL or NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT, the statement will fail. 

D. If the underlying table of a view being referenced by an INSERT statement has one or more unique indexes, each row inserted does not have to conform to the constraints imposed by those indexes. 

Answer: B 


C2090-610  exam question

Updated C2090-610 pdf exam:

Q84. A table named DEPARTMENT contains the following data: 

What will happen? 

A. The statement will fail because a subquery cannot be used in an UPDATE statement. 

B. The statement will fail because the result set produced by the subquery will contain more than one row. 

C. The statement will succeed; the last record retrieved by the subquery will be used to provide a WORKDEPT value for the update operation. 

D. The statement will succeed; the first record retrieved by the subquery will be used to provide a WORKDEPT value for the update operation. 

Answer: B 


Q85. Which type of stored procedure is not associated with an external application program? 

A. A Java stored procedure. 

B. A REXX stored procedure. 

C. A native SQL stored procedure. 

D. An external SQL stored procedure. 

Answer: C 


Q86. Which function can be used to obtain values from XML documents that are to be inserted into one or more tables? 





Answer: A 


C2090-610  exam question

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Q87. Which type of constraint can be used to ensure that an INTEGER column in a table will never be assigned more than one record that contains a NULL value? 

A. Unique constraint 

B. Primary key constraint 

C. Informational constraint 

D. Column default constraint 

Answer: A 


Q88. Which operation normally does NOT require an exclusive lock? 





Answer: D 


Q89. What type of large object (LOB) is used to store LOB data together with the formatted rows on data pages, instead of in a separate LOB storage object? 

A. inline 

B. binary 

C. internal 

D. partitioned 

Answer: A 


Q90. Which DB2 object limits the user's ability to retrieve data from a table by defining a SQL statement in the object? 

A. View 

B. Index 

C. Trigger 

D. Check constraint 

Answer: A 


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