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Q21. A large government organization has been making significant and well publicized mistakes resulting in citizen dissatisfaction. The root cause is analyzed and found to be inconsistency in businessprocesses and inconsistency of data from system to system. Several systems access and store data in inconsistent ways. 

Which parts of the IBM platform could provide the basis for the solution to these specific issues? 

A. DB2WebSphere Portal ServerWebSphere Business Services Fabric 

B. DB2WebSphere Business MonitorWebSphere Integration Developer 

C. Information ServerWebSphere Business ModelerWebSphere Process Server 

D. Information ServerWebSphere Business Modeler WebSphere Message Broker 

Answer: C 

Q22. A customer wants to create aView Statement Service. Data is stored in VSAM files on System z and the files can be large. The data is archived quarterly, so retrieval time can be significant. Furthermore, the legal view format can change over time. 

How should the SOA Foundation be utilized to implement the View Statement Service? 

A. Interaction Services to Access Services via Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) 

B. Process Services with JCA to CICS/VSAM 

C. Business Application Services to Access Services via ESB 

D. Business ApplicationServices with JCA to CICS/VSAM 

Answer: C 

Q23. How can a designer most effectively integrate components developed in various technologies at different companies into a composite application within an SOA? 

A. Through careful coordination to ensure compatible interfaces 

B. Through the use of industry standards such as SOAP over HTTPS 

C. By placing the components in a service repository which will mediate the differences in their interfaces 

D. By providingcode mediation and transformation functions through a business process modeling effort 

Answer: B 

Q24. As part of an SOA initiative, a utility company is re-writing a 2-tier call center application used for reporting power outages. Customers call in to report power outages and in some cases ask to be notified when the problemis fixed. The call center application is tightly coupled with a vendor-developed power management application which dispatches workers for repairs. The current call center application is difficult to maintain since it implements a very large and complex framework to manage the calls and the relationship with the power management system. 

Which design approach should the SOA Designer use? 

A. Expose the API of the existing application framework as a collection of services. 

B. Enhance the existing application framework with a portal to provide integration at the glass. 

C. Ask the power management software vendor to create Web services access. 

D. Replace the existing application framework with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and an adapter to the power management system. 

Answer: D 

Q25. An SOA Designer is collecting requirements for a global banking company's SOA project and discovers that various countries have different security encryption and privacy requirements. 

How should the SOA Designer handle this situation? 

A. Include multinational security encryption and privacy regulations as a nonfunctional requirement. 

B. Incorporate security software as part of the requirements. 

C. Recommend governance software as part of the requirements. 

D. Indicate the requirement toencrypt all data at every node only allowing decryption at final endpoints. 

Answer: A 

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Improved C2160-667 sample question:

Q26. It has been determined that an application running on a mainframe needs to be service-enabled to allow it to be invoked asynchronously via an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The application interface is already capable of accepting WebSphere MQ messages, and the SOA designer does not wish to modify the current application code. 

What is an appropriate method of service-enabling the application that would also offer ahigh level of reuse of the resulting service in a business process? 

A. Use WebSphere Process Server to invoke an adaptor that manages WebSphere MQ over the MQ Link. 

B. Build a WebSphere ESB mediation to call an EJB which sends JMS messages via an MQ Queue Connection Factory. 

C. Create a service wrapper in WebSphere Message Broker which mediates between SOAP over JMS and the applications own data format delivered via MQ. 

D. Create an adapter connector using a WebSphere DataPower appliance that switches between HTTP at the front-end and MQ to communicate with the application at the backend. 

Answer: C 

Q27. The employees of a large insurance firm use several applications that reside in CICS. There is also an existing application server and an in-house developed customer management system. Each application provides its own interaction services using different protocols and UIs. 

Which pattern is the most appropriate to create unified access to the existing applications? 

A. Expose application functionality as services and create a portal for access. 

B. Wrap application functionality as information services and present using Java Server Faces. 

C. Create an AJAX front end which uses REST calls to access the back end APIs. 

D. Use a Web services gateway to access the existing systems and integrate the information by creating a consistent Web 2.0-based user interface. 

Answer: A 

Q28. A mortgage loan provider currently has legacy applications utilized by a networkof branches and franchised agents. They want to expand by adding a new channel to allow independent mortgage brokers to submit mortgage loan applications. They realize they must provide a differentiating offering to the independent mortgage brokers to attract participants and grow the new channel. 

How can SOA benefit their requirement? 

A. By building an SOA with a secure connectivity layer, they could quickly enable the mortgage broker channel to use their applications without any changes to the legacysystem. 

B. They could reduce the cost to develop new applications needed for each independent broker by reusing services as integration code that is written for each broker's system to expedite development. 

C. By service enabling the legacy applications and offering a Web-based portal for independent brokers, they can minimize the impact to existing channels, minimize changes to existing code, and quickly create an offering for the new channel. 

D. By implementing security and governance as part of an SOA deployment, they can control access to the current system to determine which brokers are using the system and personalize their marketing to the high usage brokers. 

Answer: C 

Q29. A retail company is faced with the challenge of quickly introducing new products involving components from multiple lines-of-business. 

How can adopting SOA help this company meet this challenge? 

A. By introducing an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to support services created from existing legacy application functions 

B. By optimizing interactions with business partners using Web services 

C. By monitoring retail sales activities and providing company executives with a dashboard for up-to-date KPIs 

D. By identifying services in each Line of Business (LOB) that would support new product development and marketing business processes 

Answer: D 

Q30. An SOA project implementation is underway in a large government organization. The development, testing, staging, and production environments have been installed and configured. Each environment consists of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), aregistry and repository, a Web server, application servers, and Business Process Engine (BPEL). 

With only weeks before the project goes live with a business critical application, what should be recommended? 

A. Functional, performance and security tests are undertaken on the infrastructure and services as soon as possible. 

B. The capacity plan should be checked to ensure the systems are specified to cope with the predicted average and peak loads. 

C. Software Configuration Management (SCM) processes such aspromotion of code through the various environments be tested to ensure policies defined in the governance model are enforced. 

D. Communication between the various environments and between the various system components is thoroughly tested. 

Answer: A 

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