Shortcuts To CV0-001(111 to 120)

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Q111. After an administrator successfully migrated the last physical application server to a virtual environment, the help desk reported slow performance. Which of the following should the administrator have done FIRST before migrating this server? 

A. Apply operating system patches to the application server after the migration. 

B. Contact the vendor to see if the application is supported in a virtual environment. 

C. Take a backup of the application server after the migration. 

D. Migrate the application server in a test environment and have users test it. 


Q112. Which of the following detection controls can be used to identify an unauthorized individual who accessed a remote network share? 

A. Obfuscation 

B. Authentication 

C. Log review 

D. LUN masking 


Q113. Which of the following will explain why only some of the CPU cycles are available to a virtualized server using two virtualized processors? 

A. Extra processing is needed to store encryption keys used for secure transmission between the server and the network. 

B. Additional processing is used to run ports and services not turned off through the process of server hardening. 

C. Some processing is required for operational overhead on the processor and between the physical and virtualized processors. 

D. Significant processing is used to create and maintain the cache on multi-core processors. 


Q114. Which of the following attributes BEST describes “elasticity” in cloud computing? (Select TWO). 

A. Universal access 

B. Multi-tenancy 

C. Portability 

D. Cost effectiveness 

E. Scalable 

F. Off premises 

Answer: DE 

Q115. Which of the following describes the access control method where data owners authorize who is granted access to their files? 

A. Mandatory access control 

B. Role-based access control 

C. Access control list 

D. Discretionary access control 


Improve CV0-001 actual test:

Q116. Which of the following can be used by the cloud consumer and provides a visualization of key service metrics? 

A. Dashboard 


C. Home Page 

D. Interface 


Q117. Which of the following business continuity designs provides the highest degree of fault tolerance? 

A. Cold Site 

B. Site Mirroring 

C. Warm Site 

D. Hot Site 


Q118. Which of the following protocols uses port 53, by default? 






Q119. Which of the following would an administrator implement between a host and a guest to allow the virtual server to connect to a third party USB drive license key? 

A. Port mapping 


C. Console port 



Q120. In which of the following cloud services will the customer be responsible for securing provisioned hosts? 

A. PaaS 

B. IaaS 

C. SaaS 

D. DaaS 


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