Update CompTIA CV0-001 - An Overview 61 to 70

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Q61. Hardware compatibility among multiple hosts guarantees which of the following? 

A. Host migrations 

B. Supportability 

C. Online VM migrations 

D. Storage migrations 

Answer: C 

Q62. A company has contracted email and storage services from a cloud provider. They have seen significant growth in sales of their product and have been hiring additional workers. Their recent cloud services bill has increased and is projected to increase with another new project coming online. Which of the following cloud characteristics is represented? 

A. Pay-as-you-grow 

B. Cloud bursting 

C. Just-in-time service 

D. Rapid deployment 

Answer: A 

Q63. Which of the following can be used to encrypt data at rest on a VM located in the cloud? 





Answer: A 

Q64. An administrator has implemented a self-service provisioning portal in the company and has associated a cost to CPU, memory, storage, and OS type. Which of the following cloud computing options has been configured? 

A. Cloud bursting 

B. Chargeback 

C. Multi-tenancy 

D. Reservations 

Answer: B 

Q65. A company is required to provide their customers with zero downtime for its web application. Which of the following would satisfy this requirement? 

A. Cold site 

B. High availability 

C. Multipathing 

D. Load balancing 

Answer: B 

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Q66. Which of the following goals are met by multi-port link aggregation? (Select TWO). 

A. LUN zoning 

B. Link clustering 

C. Port linking D. Load balancing 

E. Fault tolerance 

Answer: DE 

Q67. A company has purchased a new self-service provisioning system and has brought in a consultant to deploy the system. During the installation the application attempts to connect to the database server but fails. Which of the following could cause the connection issue? 

A. The consultant has not been granted log in rights to the database server 

B. The database has not been configured for data de-duplication 

C. The consultant has not been granted sa rights to the database instance 

D. Necessary firewall ports have not been opened 

Answer: D 

Q68. ARP is used to resolve IP addresses to: 

A. WWPN addresses. 

B. MAC addresses. 

C. IQN addresses. 

D. FQDN addresses. 

Answer: B 

Q69. An administrator deployed ten application servers from a single VM template. A senior administrator notices that these ten VMs are not using their resources efficiently. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue with the new servers? 

A. The dynamic resource pool is malfunctioning. 

B. The server is missing security patches. 

C. The VM servers were not properly configured. 

D. There are insufficient resources available on the host. 

Answer: C 

Q70. Joe, an administrator, is searching through directories on his multi-tenant cloud environment when he notices he is able to access a directory holding another company’s data. Which of the following should be implemented to mitigate this issue? 

A. On-premise hosting 

B. Off-premise hosting 

C. Hashing 

D. Data segregation 

Answer: D 

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