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2021 Jul jk0-022 vce:

Q21. Which of the following ports and protocol types must be opened on a host with a host-based firewall to allow incoming SFTP connections? 

A. 21/UDP 

B. 21/TCP 

C. 22/UDP 

D. 22/TCP 

Answer: D 

Q22. Customers’ credit card information was stolen from a popular video streaming company. A security consultant determined that the information was stolen, while in transit, from the gaming consoles of a particular vendor. Which of the following methods should the company consider to secure this data in the future? 

A. Application firewalls 

B. Manual updates 

C. Firmware version control 

D. Encrypted TCP wrappers 

Answer: D 

Q23. Users are encouraged to click on a link in an email to obtain exclusive access to the newest version of a popular Smartphone. This is an example of. 

A. scarcity. 

B. familiarity. 

C. intimidation. 

D. trust. 

Answer: A 

Q24. Which of the following is a security concern regarding users bringing personally-owned devices that they connect to the corporate network? 

A. Cross-platform compatibility issues between personal devices and server-based applications 

B. Lack of controls in place to ensure that the devices have the latest system patches and signature files 

C. Non-corporate devices are more difficult to locate when a user is terminated 

D. Non-purchased or leased equipment may cause failure during the audits of company-owned assets 

Answer: B 

Q25. After a security incident involving a physical asset, which of the following should be done at the beginning? 

A. Record every person who was in possession of assets, continuing post-incident. 

B. Create working images of data in the following order: hard drive then RAM. 

C. Back up storage devices so work can be performed on the devices immediately. 

D. Write a report detailing the incident and mitigation suggestions. 

Answer: A 

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Q26. A security researcher wants to reverse engineer an executable file to determine if it is malicious. The file was found on an underused server and appears to contain a zero-day exploit. Which of the following can the researcher do to determine if the file is malicious in nature? 

A. TCP/IP socket design review 

B. Executable code review 

C. OS Baseline comparison 

D. Software architecture review 

Answer: C 

Q27. A company is preparing to decommission an offline, non-networked root certificate server. Before sending the server’s drives to be destroyed by a contracted company, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) wants to be certain that the data will not be accessed. Which of the following, if implemented, would BEST reassure the CSO? (Select TWO). 

A. Disk hashing procedures 

B. Full disk encryption 

C. Data retention policies 

D. Disk wiping procedures 

E. Removable media encryption 

Answer: B,D 

Q28. A security engineer, Joe, has been asked to create a secure connection between his mail server and the mail server of a business partner. Which of the following protocol would be MOST appropriate? 





Answer: D 

Q29. Which of the following is the primary security concern when deploying a mobile device on a network? 

A. Strong authentication 

B. Interoperability 

C. Data security 

D. Cloud storage technique 

Answer: C 

Q30. Which of the following is true about input validation in a client-server architecture, when data integrity is critical to the organization? 

A. It should be enforced on the client side only. 

B. It must be protected by SSL encryption. 

C. It must rely on the user’s knowledge of the application. 

D. It should be performed on the server side. 

Answer: D 

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