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2021 Nov JN0-533 exams

Q61. What is an aggregate interface? 

A. An aggregate interface binds two physical interfaces together to create a redundant interface. 

B. An aggregate interface binds two or more physical interfaces that share the traffic load. 

C. An aggregate interface is the management interface. 

D. An aggregate interface is used for VPN tunnels. 


Q62. Click the Exhibit button. 

The exhibit displays output from the event log of a ScreenOS device. 

Given the information shown in the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. The VPN initiator is sending a proxy ID of: local: remote: service:ANY 

B. The VPN contains a proxy ID mismatch. 

C. Phase 2 negotiations completed successfully. 

D. Phase 1 negotiations completed successfully. 

Answer: B,D 

Q63. Policy-based routing (PBR) policies can be bound to which three ScreenOS objects? (Choose three.) 

A. virtual routers 

B. interfaces 

C. zones 

D. security policies 

E. virtual system 

Answer: A,B,C 

Update JN0-533 exam question:

Q64. A monitored interface on a clustered pair of ScreenOS devices goes down and both devices became ineligible to be master of the cluster. As a result, neither device is passing traffic. 

Which step would have prevented this situation? 

A. Configure initial hold-down time to 10 seconds. 

B. Configure the preempt parameter and a higher priority on one of the devices. 

C. Configure the lost heartbeat interval to 1 second. 

D. Configure the master-always-exists parameter. 


Q65. While troubleshooting performance issues on your NetScreen cluster, you decide to failover the master device to its redundant peer. Which two methods will accomplish this task? (Choose two.) 

A. Manually disable an NSRP-monitored interface using the set interface <interface> phy link- down command. 

B. Manually disable an NSRP-monitored interface using the shutdown interface <interface> command. 

C. Force an NSRP failover using the exec nsrp vsd-group <group ID number> mode backup command on the master device. 

D. Force an NSRP failover using the exec nsrp vsd-group <group ID number> mode backup command on the backup device. 

Answer: A,C 

Q66. You have configured integrated Web filtering in the ScreenOS software. A URL appears in the blacklist, the whitelist, and a user-defined category. Additionally, the device can obtain categorization information from the SurfControl server. 

Which configuration will the device use to determine the action to take for Web requests for the URL? 

A. the blacklist 

B. the SurfControl categorization 

C. the user-defined category 

D. the whitelist 


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