The Rebirth Guide To NS0-155 class Jan 2021

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2021 Jan NS0-155 test preparation

Q1. What security mechanism can an administrator use on an OSSV client to use permissions allowing backup to a SnapVault secondary system? 

A. MD5 authentication between SnapVault primary and secondary, with changeable password 

B. Contents inside file called access and located in OSSV /snapvault/etc 

C. QSM access list modifiable via svconfigurator 

D. Via /etc/hosts.equiv file 


Q2. What utility on the storage system will allow you to capture network packet information? 

A. Snoop 

B. Netstats 

C. Pktt 

D. Traceroute 


Q3. Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode supports SMB 2.0 in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q4. Which three items are NFS resources for export? (Choose three.) 

A. aggregate 

B. directory/qtree 

C. file 

D. subnet 

E. volume 

Answer: BCE 

Q5. Which statement best describes the output of this command? sysstat -s 5 

A. Display the default output every five seconds and terminate after five counts. 

B. Display extended output every five seconds and print a summary after five counts. 

C. Display extended output every five seconds and print a summary upon termination. 

D. Display the default output every five seconds and print a summary upon termination. 


Renewal NS0-155 practice test:

Q6. An aggregate is composed of twelve 36-Gigabyte disks. A drive fails and only 72-Gigabyte spare disks are available. Data ONTAP will then perform what action. 

A. Chooses a 72-Gigabyte disk and use it as is. 

B. Chooses a 72-Gigabyte disk and right-size it. 

C. Halts after 24 hour of running in degraded mode. 

D. Alerts you that there are no 36-Gigabyte disks and wait for one to be inserted. 


Q7. Which two are Data ONTAP commands for creating LUNs on a storage system? (Choose two.) 

A. lun create 

B. lun config 

C. lun make 

D. lun setup 

Answer: AD 

Q8. Which two operations can be performed with the SnapDrive for windows graphical user interface? 

A. Create volume 

B. Create Snapshot copies 

C. Create File 

D. Create Disk 

Answer: BD 

Q9. NTFS allows file access based on ___________. 

A. NT ACLs and SID. 

B. NT ACLs and UNIX permissions. 

C. SID and password. 

D. UNIX permissions. 


Q10. Which objects can be restored by a single SnapRestore command? (Choose three) 

A. file 


C. qtree 

D. volume 

E. directory 

Answer: ABD 

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