NS0-155 ebook(11 to 20) for IT engineers: Jan 2021 Edition

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Q11. Physical Reallocation of a SnapMirror source volume increases the amount of data to transfer for the next SnapMirror update. 

A. True 

B. False 


Q12. If you were troubleshooting and wanted to look at SnapMirror log files, what is the path to these files? 

A. /vol/vol0/etc/log/snaplog/ 

B. /vol/vol0/etc/snapmirror/ 

C. /vol/vol0/etc/snaplog/ 

D. /vol/vol0/etc/log/ 


Q13. A SnapVault secondary volume can contain up to ___ Snapshot copies for data protection. 

A. 125 

B. 251 

C. 255 

D. Depends on capacity and number of disk drives 


Q14. Which three licenses are required for fabric-attached MetroCluster? (Choose three.) 

A. Cluster 

B. Cluster_remote 

C. Syncmirror_local 

D. Syncmirror_fabric 

E. Syncmirror_remote 

Answer: ABC 

Q15. Which two Volume SnapMirror (VSM) relationship are supported? (Choose two) 

A. Data ONTAP 8.0.2 64-bit -->Data ONTAP 8.1 64-bit 

B. Data ONTAP 8.0.2 32-bit --> Data ONTAP 8.0.2 64-bit 

C. Data ONTAP 7.3.2 32-bit --> Data ONTAP 8.1 64-bit 

D. Data ONTAP 7.3.2 32-bit --> Data ONTAP 8.0.2 64-bit 

Answer: AC 

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Q16. In Data ONTAP, the root user is exempt from those two quotas: ______________. (Choose two) 

A. User quotas 

B. Tree quotas 

C. Root quotas 

D. Group quotas 

E. File quotas 

Answer: AD 

Q17. What is the correct format for the scheduling component of a SnapVault schedule? 

A. cnt[@day_list][@hour_list] 


C. Crontable format 

D. List of dates in ISO Date format 


Q18. When Data ONTAP creates a weekly, nightly, or hourly snapshot, the value of n (as shown by the snap list command) is adjusted for all the weekly.n, nightly.n, or hourly.n Snapshot copies. The higher the value of n, the _________ the snapshot. 

A. older 

B. newer 

C. more important 

D. least important 


Q19. Which three /etc/snapmirror.conf entries will support synchronous or semi-synchronous SnapMirror? 

A. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol visibility_interval = lhr, outstanding = 3ms, cksum=crc32 syns 

B. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol – 0-55/5 * * * 

C. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol – sync 

D. FilerA:source_vol FilerB:destination_vol outstanding=3s sync 

Answer: ACD 

Q20. The root admin on the UNIX box receives an “Access Denied” message when he attempts to access a newly mounted qtree. What’s the most likely cause of this error? 

A. The qtree is missing from the /etc/hosts file. 

B. NFS is turned off on the storage system. 

C. The qtree is set to ntfs security style. 

D. The qtree has not been exported. 


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