How to pass PMI PMI-001 Real Exam in 24 Hours [exam 291-300]

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2021 Jun PMI-001 practice exam

Q291. What are assigned risk ratings based upon? 

A. Root cause analysis 

B. Assessed probability and impact 

C. Expert judgment 

D. Risk Identification 

Answer: B 

Q292. Which type of dependency is legally or contractually required or inherent in the nature of work and often involves physical limitations? 

A. Mandatory 

B. Discretionary 

C. Internal 

D. External 

Answer: A 

17. During which process does a project manager review all prior information to ensure that all project work is completed and that the project has met its objectives? 

A. Monitor and Control Project Work 

B. Perform Quality Assurance 

C. Close Project or Phase 

D. Control Scope 

Answer: C 

Q293. Activity resource requirements and resource breakdown structure are outputs from what Project Time Management process? 

A. Schedule Control 

B. Activity Definition 

C. Schedule Development 

D. Activity Resource Estimating 

Answer: D 

Q294. When is a project finished? 

A. After verbal acceptance of the customer or sponsor 

B. After lessons learned have been documented in contract closure 

C. When the project objectives have been met 

D. After resources have been released 

Answer: C 

Q295. Which of the following techniques is used during Control Scope? 

A. Cost-benefit analysis 

B. Variance analysis 

C. Reserve analysis 

D. Stakeholder analysis 

Answer: B 

PMI-001  book

Avant-garde PMI-001 free practice questions:

Q296. The iterative process of increasing the level of detail in a project management plan as greater amounts of information become available is known as: 

A. Continuous improvement. 

B. Predictive planning. 

C. Progressive elaboration. 

D. Quality assurance. 

Answer: C 

Q297. The risk shared between the buyer and seller is determined by the: 

A. assumption log. 

B. quality checklist. 

C. risk register. 

D. contract type. 

Answer: D 

Q298. Which of the following events would result in a baseline update? 

A. A project is behind schedule and the project manager wants the baseline to reflect estimated actual completion. 

B. A customer has approved a change request broadening the project scope and increasing the budget. 

C. One of the risks identified in the risk management plan occurs, resulting in a schedule delay. 

D. One of the key project team resources has left the team and no replacement is available. 

Answer: B 

Q299. Which process involves subdividing project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable portions? 

A. Develop Schedule 

B. Create VVBS 

C. Estimate Activity Resources 

D. Define Scope 

Answer: B 

Q300. A tool and technique used during the Define Scope process is: 

A. facilitated workshops. 

B. observations. 

C. questionnaires and surveys. 

D. group creativity techniques. 

Answer: A 

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