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Exam Code: PMI-001 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Project Management Professional
Certification Provider: PMI
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Q251. Analytical techniques are a tool and technique of which process in Project Procurement Management? 

A. Plan Procurement Management 

B. Control Procurements 

C. Conduct Procurements 

D. Close Procurements 

Answer: C 

Q252. When a permitting agency takes longer than planned to issue a permit, this can be described as a risk: 

A. event. 

B. response, 

C. perception. 

D. impact. 

Answer: A 

Q253. Which of the following is an input to Direct and Manage Project Execution? 

A. Requested changes 

B. Approved change requests 

C. Work performance information 

D. Implemented defect repair 

Answer: B 

Q254. The Closing Process Group includes which of the following Knowledge Areas? 

A. Project Risk Management and Project Procurement Management 

B. Project Integration Management and Project Procurement Management 

C. Project Risk Management and Project Integration Management 

D. Project Integration Management and Project Quality Management 

Answer: B 

Q255. The following is a network diagram for a project. 

The total float for the project is how many days? 

A. 5 

B. 9 

C. 12 

D. 14 

Answer: B 

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Q256. Which of the following methods is a project selection technique? 

A. Flowcharting 

B. Earned value 

C. Cost-benefit analysis 

D. Pareto analysis 

Answer: C 

Q257. The lowest level normally depicted in a work breakdown structure (VVBS) is called a/an: 

A. work package 

B. deliverable 

C. milestone 

D. activity 

Answer: A 

Q258. The only Process Group that comprises processes that typically occur from the beginning to the end of the project life cycle is: 

A. Planning. 

B. Executing, 

C. Monitoring and Controlling. 

D. Closing. 

Answer: C 

Q259. Success is measured by benefits realization for a: 

A. strategic plan 

B. project 

C. portfolio 

D. program 

Answer: D 

Q260. After Define Activities and Sequence Activities, the next process is: 

A. Estimate Activity Resources. 

B. Estimate Activity Durations, 

C. Develop Schedule. 

D. Control Schedule. 

Answer: A 

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