ST0-172 testing bible(21 to 30) for candidates: Jul 2021 Edition

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2021 Jul ST0-172 free exam questions

Q21. An administrator needs to configure a backup policy to run only on the 1st and 15th day of each month. The Calendar Schedule tab is absent from the schedule window. How does the administrator get the Calendar Schedule tab to display, so that the schedule can be configured for specific days? 

A. enable specific days using the bpplsched command line 

B. enable specific days using the master server's host properties 

C. configure a start window within the schedule 

D. change the schedule type from Frequency to Calendar 

Answer: B

Q22. How can an administrator back up application data that resides on a hardware disk array without affecting CPU or disk resources? 

A. enable the "Perform snapshot backup" policy attribute, choose the vxvm Snapshot method, and select the "Perform off-host backup" attribute 

B. enable the "Perform snapshot backup" policy attribute, choose the auto Snapshot method, and select the "Perform off-host backup" attribute 

C. enable the Master Server Property - Client Attribute "Enable Windows Open File Backups" to use Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) 

D. enable the Master Server Property - Client Attribute "Enable Windows Open File Backups" to use Veritas Snapshot Provider (VSP) with a Global Drive Snapshot 

Answer: B

Q23. Where can administrators find an installation checklist for installing Symantec NetBackup 7.5 patches? 

A. Symantec.Cloud 




Answer: D

Q24. Where are backup selections configured? 

A. on a configuration file on the client 

B. in the policy on the master server 

C. in the client's host properties 

D. in the relational database on the master server 

Answer: B

Q25. A Symantec NetBackup administrator is preparing to update some tape devices and needs to ensure that updated tape devices are visible during device discovery and configuration in Symantec NetBackup 7.5. What should the administrator review prior to updating the devices? 

A. the support mappings utility 

B. the volume mappings files 

C. the device mappings files 

D. the EMM database 

Answer: C

ST0-172 actual test

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Q26. A Symantec NetBackup 7.5 administrator needs to use client-side deduplication to reduce network traffic. What is the minimum version level requirement for clients that deduplicate their own data? 

A. 7.0 

B. 7.1 


D. 7.5 

Answer: D

Q27. In addition to the full backup schedule type, which other schedule can be configured as a synthetic backup? 

A. differential incremental backup 

B. cumulative incremental backup 

C. user backup 

D. application backup 

E. automatic backup 

Answer: B

Q28. What happens when an administrator cancels a child job created by a storage lifecycle policy? 

A. All child jobs are cancelled, but the parent job continues to run. 

B. Only the single child job is cancelled. 

C. All child jobs and the parent job are cancelled. 

D. All child jobs continue to run. 

Answer: C

Q29. A Symantec NetBackup administrator has an environment that runs over one thousand jobs a night. Some nights there are hundreds of jobs queued waiting for a resource. Which action should the administrator take in the event that specific jobs need to run when a resource next becomes available during that evening's backup session? 

A. pause all queued jobs except for the job that needs to run 

B. change the job priority for the job in the policy 

C. increment the job priority in the activity monitor for the job 

D. cancel the job and the restart the job after changing the policy job priority 

Answer: C

Q30. Which default Windows Open File Backup method is used during a backup for a newly installed Symantec NetBackup 7.5 Windows 2003 client? 

A. VERITAS Snapshot Provider (VSP) 

B. Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) 

C. snapshot provider configured in Global Client Attribute 

D. Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) 

Answer: C

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