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2021 Jan ec0-350 pdf exam

Q191. War dialing is one of the oldest methods of gaining unauthorized access to the target systems, it is one of the dangers most commonly forgotten by network engineers and system administrators. A hacker can sneak past all the expensive firewalls and IDS and connect easily into the network. Through wardialing an attacker searches for the devices located in the target network infrastructure that are also accessible through the telephone line. 

‘Dial backup’ in routers is most frequently found in networks where redundancy is required. Dial-on-demand routing(DDR) is commonly used to establish connectivity as a backup. 

As a security testers, how would you discover what telephone numbers to dial-in to the router? 

A. Search the Internet for leakage for target company’s telephone number to dial-in 

B. Run a war-dialing tool with range of phone numbers and look for CONNECT Response 

C. Connect using ISP’s remote-dial in number since the company’s router has a leased line connection established with them 

D. Brute force the company’s PABX system to retrieve the range of telephone numbers to dial-in 


Explanation: Use a program like Toneloc to scan the company’s range of phone numbers. 

Q192. Bill has started to notice some slowness on his network when trying to update his company’s website while trying to access the website from the Internet. Bill asks the help desk manager if he has received any calls about slowness from the end users, but the help desk manager says that he has not. Bill receives a number of calls from customers that can’t access the company website and can’t purchase anything online. Bill logs on to a couple of this routers and notices that the logs shows network traffic is at all time high. He also notices that almost all the traffic is originating from a specific address. 

Bill decides to use Geotrace to find out where the suspect IP is originates from. The Geotrace utility runs a traceroute and finds that IP is coming from Panama. Bill knows that none of his customers are in Panama so he immediately thinks that his company is under a Denial of Service attack. Now Bill needs to find out more about the originating IP Address. 

What Internet registry should Bill look in to find the IP Address? 





Answer: A

Explanation: LACNIC is the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry that administers IP addresses, autonomous system numbers, reverse DNS, and other network resources for that region. 

Q193. Which address translation scheme would allow a single public IP address to always correspond to a single machine on an internal network, allowing "server publishing"? 

A. Overloading Port Address Translation 

B. Dynamic Port Address Translation 

C. Dynamic Network Address Translation 

D. Static Network Address Translation 

Answer: D

Explanation: Mapping an unregistered IP address to a registered IP address on a one-to-one basis. Particularly useful when a device needs to be accessible from outside the network. 

Q194. In the context of password security, a simple dictionary attack involves loading a dictionary file (a text file full of dictionary words) into a cracking application such as L0phtCrack or John the Ripper, and running it against user accounts located by the application. The larger the word and word fragment selection, the more effective the dictionary attack is. The brute force method is the most inclusive, although slow. It usually tries every possible letter and number combination in its automated exploration. 

If you would use both brute force and dictionary methods combined together to have variation of words, what would you call such an attack? 

A. Full Blown 

B. Thorough 

C. Hybrid 

D. BruteDics 

Answer: C

Explanation: A combination of Brute force and Dictionary attack is called a Hybrid attack or Hybrid dictionary attack. 

Q195. What port number is used by Kerberos protocol? 

A. 44 

B. 88 

C. 419 

D. 487 


Explanation: Kerberos traffic uses UDP/TCP protocol source and destination port 88. 

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Q196. Ethereal works best on ____________. 

A. Switched networks 

B. Linux platforms 

C. Networks using hubs 

D. Windows platforms 

E. LAN's 

Answer: C

Explanation: Ethereal is used for sniffing traffic. It will return the best results when used on an unswitched (i.e. hub. network. 

Q197. Take a look at the following attack on a Web Server using obstructed URL: 

http://www.example.com/script.ext?template%2e%2e%2e%2e%2e%2f%2e%2f%65%74%63%2f %70%61%73%73%77%64 

The request is made up of: 

-%2e%2e%2f%2e%2e%2f%2e%2f% = ../../../ 

-%65%74%63 = etc 

-%2f = / 

-%70%61%73%73%77%64 = passwd 

How would you protect information systems from these attacks? 

A. Configure Web Server to deny requests involving Unicode characters. 

B. Create rules in IDS to alert on strange Unicode requests. 

C. Use SSL authentication on Web Servers. 

D. Enable Active Scripts Detection at the firewall and routers. 

Answer: B

Explanation: This is a typical Unicode attack. By configuring your IDS to trigger on strange Unicode requests you can protect your web-server from this type of attacks. 

Q198. ARP poisoning is achieved in _____ steps 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

Answer: B

Explanation: The hacker begins by sending a malicious ARP "reply" (for which there was no previous request) to your router, associating his computer's MAC address with your IP Address. Now your router thinks the hacker's computer is your computer. Next, the hacker sends a malicious ARP reply to your computer, associating his MAC Address with the routers IP Address. Now your machine thinks the hacker's computer is your router. The hacker has now used ARP poisoning to accomplish a MitM attack. 

Q199. Who is an Ethical Hacker? 

A. A person who hacks for ethical reasons 

B. A person who hacks for an ethical cause 

C. A person who hacks for defensive purposes 

D. A person who hacks for offensive purposes 

Answer: C

Explanation: The Ethical hacker is a security professional who applies his hacking skills for defensive purposes. 

Q200. What would best be defined as a security test on services against a known vulnerability database using an automated tool? 

A. A penetration test 

B. A privacy review 

C. A server audit 

D. A vulnerability assessment 

Answer: D

Explanation: Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying and quantifying vulnerabilities in a system. The system being studied could be a physical facility like a nuclear power plant, a computer system, or a larger system (for example the communications infrastructure or water infrastructure of a region). 

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