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Which authentication scheme requires a user to possess a token?

  • B. SecurID
  • C. Check Point password

Answer: B

Explanation: SecurID
SecurID requires users to both possess a token authenticator and to supply a PIN or password References:

Vanessa is firewall administrator in her company; her company is using Check Point firewalls on central and remote locations, which are managed centrally by R80 Security Management Server. One central location has an installed R77.30 Gateway on Open server. Remote location is using Check Point UTM-1 570 series appliance with R71. Which encryption is used in Secure Internal Communication (SIC) between central management and firewall on each location?

  • A. On central firewall AES128 encryption is used for SIC, on Remote firewall 3DES encryption is used for SIC.
  • B. On both firewalls, the same encryption is used for SI
  • C. This is AES-GCM-256.
  • D. The Firewall Administrator can choose which encryption suite will be used by SIC.
  • E. On central firewall AES256 encryption is used for SIC, on Remote firewall AES128 encryption is used for SIC.

Answer: A

Explanation: Gateways above R71 use AES128 for SIC. If one of the gateways is R71 or below, the gateways use 3DES.

Identify the API that is not supported by Check Point currently.

  • A. R80 Management API-
  • B. Identity Awareness Web Services API
  • C. Open REST API

Answer: C

Fill in the blank: A new license should be generated and installed in all of the following situations EXCEPT when ____.

  • A. The license is attached to the wrong Security Gateway
  • B. The existing license expires
  • C. The license is upgraded
  • D. The IP address of the Security Management or Security Gateway has changed

Answer: A

Explanation: There is no need to generate new license in this situation, just need to detach license from wrong Security Gateway and attach it to the right one.

The Captive Portal tool:

  • A. Acquires identities from unidentified users.
  • B. Is only used for guest user authentication.
  • C. Allows access to users already identified.
  • D. Is deployed from the Identity Awareness page in the Global Properties settings.

Answer: A

VPN gateways must authenticate to each other prior to exchanging information. What are the two types of credentials used for authentication?

  • A. 3DES and MD5
  • B. Certificates and IPsec
  • C. Certificates and pre-shared secret
  • D. IPsec and VPN Domains

Answer: C

ABC Corp has a new administrator who logs into the Gaia Portal to make some changes. He realizes that even though he has logged in as an administrator, he is unable to make any changes because all configuration options are greyed out as shown in the screenshot image below. What is the likely cause for this?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. The Gaia /bin/confd is locked by another administrator from a SmartConsole session.
  • B. The database is locked by another administrator SSH session.
  • C. The Network address of his computer is in the blocked hosts.
  • D. The IP address of his computer is not in the allowed hosts.

Answer: B

Explanation: There is a lock on top left side of the screen. B is the logical answer.

How many sessions can be opened on the Management Server at the same time?

  • A. Unlimited, One per each licensed Gateway
  • B. One
  • C. Unlimited, Multiple per administrator
  • D. Unlimited, One per administrator

Answer: D

What happens if the identity of a user is known?

  • A. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the system displays the Captive Portal.
  • B. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the system displays a sandbox.
  • C. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the traffic is automatically dropped.
  • D. If the user credentials match an Access Role, the rule is applied and traffic is accepted or dropped based on the defined action.

Answer: D

What is the SOLR database for?

  • A. Used for full text search and enables powerful matching capabilities
  • B. Writes data to the database and full text search
  • C. Serves GUI responsible to transfer request to the DLE server
  • D. Enables powerful matching capabilities and writes data to the database

Answer: A

A client has created a new Gateway object that will be managed at a remote location. When the client attempts to install the Security Policy to the new Gateway object, the object does not appear in the Install On check box. What should you look for?

  • A. Secure Internal Communications (SIC) not configured for the object.
  • B. A Gateway object created using the Check Point > Externally Managed VPN Gateway option from the Network Objects dialog box.
  • C. Anti-spoofing not configured on the interfaces on the Gateway object.
  • D. A Gateway object created using the Check Point > Secure Gateway option in the network objects, dialog box, but still needs to configure the interfaces for the Security Gateway object.

Answer: B

Review the following screenshot and select the BEST answer.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. Data Center Layer is an inline layer in the Access Control Policy.
  • B. By default all layers are shared with all policies.
  • C. If a connection is dropped in Network Layer, it will not be matched against the rules in Data Center Layer.
  • D. If a connection is accepted in Network-layer, it will not be matched against the rules in Data Center Layer.

Answer: C

Jennifer McHanry is CEO of ACME. She recently bought her own personal iPad. She wants use her iPad to access the internal Finance Web server. Because the iPad is not a member of the Active Directory domain, she cannot identify seamlessly with AD Query. However, she can enter her AD credentials in the Captive Portal and then get the same access as on her office computer. Her access to resources is based on rules in the R77 Firewall Rule Base.
To make this scenario work, the IT administrator must:
1) Enable Identity Awareness on a gateway and select Captive Portal as one of the Identity Sources.
2) In the Portal Settings window in the User Access section, make sure that Name and password login is selected.
3) Create a new rule in the Firewall Rule Base to let Jennifer McHanry access network destinations. Select accept as the Action.
4) Install policy.
Ms McHanry tries to access the resource but is unable. What should she do?

  • A. Have the security administrator select the Action field of the Firewall Rule “Redirect HTTP connections to an authentication (captive) portal”.
  • B. Have the security administrator reboot the firewall.
  • C. Have the security administrator select Any for the Machines tab in the appropriate Access Role.
  • D. Install the Identity Awareness agent on her iPad.

Answer: A

Choose what BEST describes the reason why querying logs now is very fast.

  • A. New Smart-1 appliances double the physical memory install
  • B. Indexing Engine indexes logs for faster search results
  • C. SmartConsole now queries results directly from the Security Gateway
  • D. The amount of logs been store is less than the usual in older versions

Answer: B

Two administrators Dave and Jon both manage R80 Management as administrators for ABC Corp. Jon logged into the R80 Management and then shortly after Dave logged in to the same server. They are both in the Security Policies view. From the screenshots below, why does Dave not have the rule no.6 in his SmartConsole view even though Jon has it his in his SmartConsole view?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. Jon is currently editing rule no.6 but has Published part of his changes.
  • B. Dave is currently editing rule no.6 and has marked this rule for deletion.
  • C. Dave is currently editing rule no.6 and has deleted it from his Rule Base.
  • D. Jon is currently editing rule no.6 but has not yet Published his changes.

Answer: D

Explanation: When an administrator logs in to the Security Management Server through SmartConsole, a new editing session starts. The changes that the administrator makes during the session are only available to that administrator. Other administrators see a lock icon on object and rules that are being edited. To make changes available to all administrators, and to unlock the objects and rules that are being edited, the administrator must publish the session.

Which command can you use to enable or disable multi-queue per interface?

  • A. cpmq set
  • B. Cpmqueue set
  • C. Cpmq config
  • D. Set cpmq enable

Answer: A

Which of the following is NOT a component of a Distinguished Name?

  • A. Organization Unit
  • B. Country
  • C. Common name
  • D. User container

Answer: D

Explanation: Distinguished Name Components
CN=common name, OU=organizational unit, O=organization, L=locality, ST=state or province, C=country name

Which SmartConsole tab is used to monitor network and security performance?

  • A. Manage Seeting
  • B. Security Policies
  • C. Gateway and Servers
  • D. Logs and Monitor

Answer: C

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