oracle database 11g dba ii 1z0-053 [May 2021]

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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q341. Which statement about using RMAN stored scripts is true?

A. To create and execute an RMAN stored script, you must use a recovery catalog.

B. When executing a stored script and a command fails, the remainder of the script is executed, and a message is written to the alert log file.

C. RMAN stored scripts can always be executed against any target database that is registered in the recovery catalog.

D. When you execute a stored script, it always executes using the persistent channel settings previously set with the CONFIGURE command.

Answer: A

Q342. You upgraded Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g. How would this affect the existing users' passwords?

A. All passwords automatically become case-sensitive.

B. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive till they are changed.

C. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive and cannot be changed.

D. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive until their password attribute in the profile is altered.

Answer: B

Q343. Which initialization parameter in an ASM instance specifies the disk groups to be automatically mounted at instance startup?





Answer: B

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Q344. What methods are available to recover lost control files? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Backup control file.

B. Emergency control file.

C. The create controlfile command.

D. The restore controlfile SQL*Plus command.

E. No backup is required. The database will re-create the control file when it is discovered to be lost.

Answer: CD

Q345. Over the course of a day, a department performed multiple DML statements (inserts, updates, deletes) on multiple rows of data in multiple tables. The manager would like a report showing the time, table name, and DML type for all changes that were made. Which Flashback technology would be the best choice to produce the list?

A. Flashback Drop

B. Flashback Query

C. Flashback Transaction Query

D. Flashback Versions Query

E. Flashback Table

Answer: C

Q346. The EMP table exists in your schema. You want to execute the following query:

SELECT ename, sal

FROM emp


WHERE ename = 'ALLEN'

What are the minimum requirements for the statement to execute successfully? (Choose all that apply)

A. ARCHIVELOG mode must be enabled

B. Row Movement must be enabled for the table

C. FLASHBACK must be set to ON for the database

D. The UNDO_MANAGEMENT parameter must be set to AUTO

E. The UNDO_RETENTION parameter must be set appropriately

Answer: DE

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Q347. The CONTROL_FILE_RECORD_KEEP_TIME initialization parameter should be set to what value? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The initialization parameter should be set to 0 when the RMAN repository is being used.

B. The initialization parameter should be set to greater than 0 with the RMAN repository utilizing the recovery catalog only.

C. The initialization parameter should be set to greater than 0 with the RMAN repository utilizing the control file or the recovery catalog.

D. The initialization parameter should be set to 0 with the RMAN repository utilizing the control file or the recovery catalog.

E. The initialization parameter should never be set to 0 if you are using RMAN.

Answer: CE

Q348. To generate recommendations to improve the performance of a set of SQL queries in an application, you execute the following blocks of code:















The blocks of code execute successfully; however, you do not get the required outcome.

What could be the reason?

A. A template needs to be associated with the task.

B. A workload needs to be associated with the task.

C. The partial or complete workload scope needs to be associated with the task.

D. The type of structures (indexes, materialized views, or partitions) to be recommended need to be specified for the task.

Answer: B

Q349. What are the recommendations for Oracle Database 11g installation to make it Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)-compliant? (Choose all that apply.)

A. ORACLE_BASE should be set explicitly.

B. An Oracle base should have only one Oracle home created in it.

C. Flash recovery area and data file location should be on separate disks.

D. Flash recovery area and data file location should be created under Oracle base in a non- Automatic Storage Management (ASM) setup.

Answer: ACD

Q350. Which two prerequisites are needed for performing workload capture and replay? (Choose two.)

A. Close all sessions performing queries using database links.

B. running the database in shared server mode

C. The database on which the workload is replayed has to be a restore of the original database to a specific SCN.

D. setting up the directory to capture the workload

Answer: CD

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