Top 10 dumps JN0-332 for IT learners (61 to 70)

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2021 Jul JN0-332 free practice questions

Q61. Which statement is true for interfaces residing outside of redundancy groups? 

A. The interfaces cannot be mapped to security zones. 

B. Only interfaces that have redundancy can be active in the chassis cluster. 

C. All interfaces will be redundant if they reside on a system that is part of a chassis cluster. 

D. Interfaces that are not in a redundancy group can still forward traffic, but no redundancy is available for them. 

Answer: D 

Q62. Which two statements are true about IPsec traffic? (Choose two.) 

A. IPsec traffic can be forwarded when no IKE SA is present. 

B. IPsec traffic can be forwarded when no IPsec SA is present. 

C. For traffic that has to be encrypted, the security policy must be crafted based on the IP addresses in the inner IP header of the final ESP packet. 

D. For traffic that has to be encrypted, the security policy must be crafted based on the IP addresses in the outer IP header of the final ESP packet. 

Answer: AC 

Q63. Which two criteria does the enhanced Web filtering solution use to make decisions? (Choose two.) 

A. site reputation 

B. keyword in the document 

C. results of antivirus scan 

D. category 

Answer: AD 

Q64. Which three functions are provided by JUNOS Software for security platforms? (Choose three.) 

A. VPN establishment 

B. stateful ARP lookups 

C. Dynamic ARP inspection 

D. Network Address Translation 

E. inspection of packets at higher levels (Layer 4 and above) 

Answer: ADE 

Q65. Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct about IPsec configuration? (choose two) 

A. IKE Phase 2 establishes when payload traffic flows 

B. IKE Phase 2 establishes immediately 

C. Protocol ESP is used 

D. Protocol AH is used 

Answer: BC 

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Q66. A PC in the trust zone is trying to ping a host in the untrust zone. Referring to the exhibit, which type of NAT is configured? 

A. source NAT 

B. destination NAT 

C. static NAT 

D. NAT pool 

Answer: A 

Q67. What are two rulebase types within an IPS policy on an SRX Series device? (Choose two.) 

A. rulebase-ips 

B. rulebase-ignore 

C. rulebase-idp 

D. rulebase-exempt 

Answer: AD 

Q68. You are asked to establish a chassis cluster between two SRX Series devices. You must ensure that end-to-end connectivity is monitored and that the redundancy group will fail over to the other node if the remote device becomes unreachable. 

What would ensure this behavior? 

A. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection 

B. real-time performance monitoring 

C. remote interface monitoring 

D. remote IP address monitoring 

Answer: D 

Q69. Which antivirus protection feature uses virus patterns and a malware database that are located on external servers? 

A. full file-based 

B. Kaspersky 

C. Sophos 

D. express scan 

Answer: C 

Q70. Which two statements are true about AH? (Choose two.) 

A. AH provides data integrity. 

B. AH is identified by IP protocol 50. 

C. AH is identified by IP protocol 51. 

D. AH cannot work in conjunction with ESP 

Answer: AC 

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